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The COVID paradox

by Jon Wortmann and Anna Penfold
Indian Management October 2020

Humans love tradition and it has value. What has even more impact are the intentional connections you build and the way you attend to your culture as it is vulnerable. The trust you build from the efforts can become the new cultural norm.

Jon Wortmann is a principal, thoughtLEADERS, LLC. He is the author of five books, including Mastering Communication at Work, Hijacked by Your Brain, and Mindfulness is Sublime.

Anna Penfold is a consultant, Russell Reynolds Associates, London. She co-leads the Global Human Resources Practice.

Latest Articles

Oh! Those lala companies

A generic name for family-run businesses in India, ‘lala companies’ have unique attributes—great rewards…and greater punishment, if the lala stops liking your face!

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management December 2022

Find the balance

There is substantial research showing that people who are successful in a holistic way—not just at making money—have high emotional intelligence. Do not confuse intelligence quotient (IQ) with EQ. Effective leaders allow themselves to be emotional privately. They process it, then come back and give the public their best selves, communicating constructively and listening more than talking.

by Jill Bausch
Indian Management December 2022

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Mitigating risks

Security culture is not something that can be built overnight. Having said that, sustained investments in security culture will bring better security RoI in the long run and help organisations build a human defence layer that every industry today desperately needs.

by Perry Carpenter
Indian Management October 2022

A matter of purpose

Employees are pretty observant; they do not miss much. The actions and behaviours they see modeled and the ideals their immediate supervisor appears to value will inform their decisions and behaviour at work. If they see a management team that prioritises tasks, efficiencies, and productivity (job functions), then that is what they will focus on—often at the expense of the company’s own mission.

by Steve Curtin
Indian Management August 2022
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