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The AIMA case research centre is established after a lot of discussion, deliberation and research. The purpose of setting up of India case research centre at AIMA is primarily to focus on developing and publishing Industry based India-focused research cases.


AIMA conducts and publishes industry and academic based research, surveys and reports in various facets of management

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Unsung heroes

Do entrepreneurs stick it out when the economy is in a slump or wave the white flag and close the doors?

by Dr Murray Sabrin
Indian Management 2022-01-01

Reach deep

Deep technologies are now creating a revolution which has implications for every aspect of an organisation, resulting in new opportunities to thrive in the most technologically important era since the industrial revolution.

by Simon Robinson
Indian Management 2021-12-01

Brain check

Understanding how our emotional brain works can help us appreciate why we react the way we do and how we can regulate our feelings and thoughts to ensure that we lead and manage others effectively.

by Nelisha Wickremasinghe
Indian Management 2021-12-01
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