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The AIMA case research centre is established after a lot of discussion, deliberation and research. The purpose of setting up of India case research centre at AIMA is primarily to focus on developing and publishing Industry based India-focused research cases.


AIMA conducts and publishes industry and academic based research, surveys and reports in various facets of management

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The future beckons

The metaverse has actually been around for quite a while now, especially in gaming. It holds a lot of promise for marketing and sales. But are brands listening?

by Steven Van Belleghem
Indian Management 2022-04-01

Giving back

Entrepreneurs are more likely to feel that philanthropy is an essential part of their lives than their financial counterparts and see the link between volunteering and professional success in the report.

by Bob Schlegel
Indian Management 2022-04-01

The future of skills

Most professional school programs are over focused on disseminating information and knowledge, but less focused on skills that would help graduates in their career. Hence, it is important for professional schools to revamp their curriculum design and delivery and make it focused on developing skills for the future.

by Dr Debashish Sengupta
Indian Management 2022-04-01
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