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Money matters

by Derrick Kinney
Indian Management May 2022

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Money is for other people, but not you
MYTH 2: Money represents scarcity and strain
MYTH 3: A predictable paycheck is the path to wealth
MYTH 4: You see money as working against you
MYTH 5: You do not have enough money to be generous

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For better communication

Generative AI can help all of us to be more connected, clear, concise, and confident in our communication. By partnering with AI in our preparation and practice, we can better help our audiences to understand, remember, and act on our communication.

by Matt Abrahams
Indian Management September 2023

See the whole picture

When inviting the ‘right brain’ to participate in a conversation, we see more, think differently, and bring new insights. The ‘right brain’ is like your personal genie in the bottle—an enormous power for you, and your team, to release and use.

by Yda Bouvier
Indian Management August 2023

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Agree to disagree

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Educated employees come equipped with conflict resolution skills.
MYTH 2: Time heals disconnected employee relationships.
MYTH 3: It is the role of managers to resolve team conflict.
MYTH 4: Digital communication is an effective way to discuss issues.
MYTH 5: Relationships are secondary to profit and production.

by Penny Tremblay
Indian Management August 2023

Your story matters

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Data and metrics are the only things investors care about.
MYTH 2: Storytelling and creativity have no place in the business world.
MYTH 3: Investors are only interested in what you are doing ‘right now’, not how you got there.
MYTH 4: If you have a good product, nothing else matters.
MYTH 5: Raising capital is the end goal of every start-up.

by Donna Griffit
Indian Management July 2023
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