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Creative edge

by Roy Sharples
Indian Management January 2022

"Busting the following myths:
MYTH 1: Creativity is about artistic expression, and it is not a differentiator in moving business, politics, science, and society forward in a meaningful way
MYTH 2: Creativity cannot be taught: you either have it or you do not
MYTH 3: When a business loses its creative edge, the only way to fix it is to buy it
MYTH 4: Creativity is a solitary, heroic, and random act of individual genius. It cannot be managed because you never know where ideas come from, when inspiration will strike, who needs to be involved, and how to make it happen
MYTH 5: Creativity is not a competency that can be managed in an organization to evaluate performance and talent"

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Harmony of body and mind

A sense of well-being—whatever that means to us—results in a number of benefits with research showing greater efficiency, more effective interpersonal interactions and taking of opportunities, greater motivation, and even greater cognitive flexibility (resulting in better problem solving and creativity).

by Audrey Tang
Indian Management February 2024

Tech for the world

New tech applications emerging in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) make it possible to leverage sustainable impact at scale, and at the same time, seize exciting market opportunities. Yet businesses have only tapped into a fraction of sustainable technology’s potential.

by Marga Hoek
Indian Management February 2024

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Your finest work unveiled

Busting the following myths-

MYTH 1: If you work hard, you will get ahead.

MYTH 2: Emotional intelligence is innate, not learned.

MYTH 3: Networking is only important when you are looking for a job.

MYTH 4: Mistakes will kill your career.

MYTH 5: Every issue I face at work can be solved with more effort.

by Merideth Mehlberg
Indian Management February 2024

A ground-breaking approach

Busting the following myths- 

Myth 1: Leaders must always be strong and unemotional.

Myth 2: Decision-making is solely a rational process.

Myth 3: Hierarchical structures are the best for organisational success.

 Myth 4: High stress yields high performance.

Myth 5: Leaders should have all the answers.

by Dr. Randy Brazie and Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal
Indian Management January 2024
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