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A changed salesperson

by Bryan Gray
Indian Management June 2022

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: We must educate our prospects
MYTH 2: Price is the deciding f actor
MYTH 3: Prospects buy based on fixing pain points
MYTH 4: Companies that sell what we sell are our competition
MYTH 5: Great service grows relationships and account value

Latest Articles

Tech to the rescue

The impact of technology is almost always overestimated in the short-term and under-estimated in the long-term. Talent expects leaders to have the right mindset: one that is open, focused on people, and constantly embraces the advantages of technology.

by Jeremy Kourdi
Indian Management March 2023

A thinking partner

A coaching culture can create transformational results for your business, your managers, and your teams. It can be your super-power, your success accelerator, your organisation’s very own magic wand.

by Rosie Nice
Indian Management February 2023

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The seeds of innovation

MYTH 1: It is all about moonshots and disruption nowadays.
MYTH 2: Inventors drive the business forward.
MYTH 3: It takes a special ‘innovation team’ to succeed.
MYTH 4: To be successful, your key investments should be in technology and new products.
MYTH 5: Innovation either happens or it doesn’t. It can’t be orchestrated.


by Alex Goryachev
Indian Management February 2023

Size them up

MYTH 1: Performance measurement is easy to understand.
MYTH 2: Performance measurement is easy to develop and implement.
MYTH 3: The best practices of governance, business planning, and performance measurement are well understood and practised in many organisations.
MYTH 4: A supportive organisation climate is not essential for a productive organisation.
MYTH 5: Major crown projects in the public sector can never succeed.

by Bryan Shane and Patricia Lafferty
Indian Management January 2023
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