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The spark is within

by Nir Bashan
Indian Management November 2020

Busting the following myths:
MYTH 1: I am not a creative person
MYTH 2: You need to wait for lightning to strike to be
MYTH 3: Creativity is too expensive
MYTH 4: Creativity will not help me in my business/industry/career
MYTH 5: It is not the stuff of the serious business person

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Set the standard

Organisations who wish to build high-performing teams—ones that easily collaborate, innovate, empower, and inspire each other to achieve unified goals—must commit to hiring the right employees, laying a foundation of trust, and providing proper training.

by Brian Smith and Mary Smith
Indian Management October 2021

Sail through

Work environments, even those with teams devoted to ‘the greater good’, can be a breeding ground for competition. So, understanding the work environment is fundamentally important for career success.

by Salman Raza
Indian Management October 2021

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Build an employer brand

"Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: An employer brand should help my organisation attract talent
MYTH 2: The more applications, the better
MYTH 3: Candidates trust what our company has to say
MYTH 4: If we build an employer brand, our teams will use it
MYTH 5: Employer brand and consumer brand are two different things"

by Bryan Adams
Indian Management October 2021

Seek the truth when

Busting the following myths:
MYTH 1: Aggressive leaders get results
MYTH 2: Leaders are supposed to have the answers
MYTH 3: Leaders do not have enough time
MYTH 4: Extroverts make better leaders
MYTH 5: Leaders do not make hard decisions based on feelings
MYTH 6: Leaders tell it like it is
MYTH 7: Leaders make mission first
MYTH 8: Leaders are highly credentialed and educated
MYTH 9: Great leaders are born
MYTH 10: People will take advantage of a humble leader

by Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone
Indian Management September 2021
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