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The quest for a good leader

by Theodore (Ted) Clark
Indian Management April 2022

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Most business leaders are college educated
MYTH 2: Colleges train the next generation of business leaders
MYTH 3: Business leadership is about control and power
MYTH 4: Business leadership is complicated and hard to learn
MYTH 5: Everyone can be a business leader

Latest Articles

A change in role

The ability for leaders and organisations to create and maintain an authentic human connection will play a critical role in whether organisations either thrive or survive in this increasingly VUCA business environment and leaders must navigate the complexities of our workforce with confidence and vision.

by Patrice Gordon
Indian Management November 2023

A self-perpetuating design

Changing business processes creates new organisational rituals, which leads to a changed culture. The exciting result of this approach is to create the ultimate, self-perpetuating business process design.

by Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini
Indian Management November 2023

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A ‘Happy Place’

Busting the following myths:
Myth 1: There is nothing I can do because the world is so stressful.
Myth 2: Guilt and regret are the same thing.
Myth 3: Depression is a chemical imbalance.
Myth 4: Boredom isn’t that big a problem.
Myth 5: Self-Esteem is all about loving yourself.

by Gary Sprouse
Indian Management November 2023

From ‘great’ to ‘exceptional’

Busting the following myths:
MYTH 1: You need to feel inspired in order to be creative.
MYTH 2: Success breeds success.
MYTH 3: Consuming a large quantity of information makes us well-informed.
MYTH 4: A leader sits at the top of the pyramid.
MYTH 5: Success is an external measure of career, status, or wealth.

by Polina Marinova Pompliano
Indian Management October 2023
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