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Seek the truth when

by Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone
Indian Management September 2021

Busting the following myths:
MYTH 1: Aggressive leaders get results
MYTH 2: Leaders are supposed to have the answers
MYTH 3: Leaders do not have enough time
MYTH 4: Extroverts make better leaders
MYTH 5: Leaders do not make hard decisions based on feelings
MYTH 6: Leaders tell it like it is
MYTH 7: Leaders make mission first
MYTH 8: Leaders are highly credentialed and educated
MYTH 9: Great leaders are born
MYTH 10: People will take advantage of a humble leader

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The ideal motivation

If employees find meaning in their work and are valued for whatever they do, their motivation levels will always be at their peak. The best that any organisation can do is attach meaning to the employee’s work as a sense of meaning will win over the impediments that hinder employees’ growth in the organisation.

by Amit Mishra
Indian Management August 2022

A matter of purpose

Employees are pretty observant; they do not miss much. The actions and behaviours they see modeled and the ideals their immediate supervisor appears to value will inform their decisions and behaviour at work. If they see a management team that prioritises tasks, efficiencies, and productivity (job functions), then that is what they will focus on—often at the expense of the company’s own mission.

by Steve Curtin
Indian Management August 2022

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An ideal prospect

Busting the following myths-

MYTH 1: You get rejected—that is just part of the job.
MYTH 2: Whether you feel like prospecting matters.
MYTH 3: When prospecting, your job is to sell.
MYTH 4: Your clients and customers know what your ideal prospect looks like.
MYTH 5: Once you hear “No,” the discussion is over.

by John Rosso and Mark McGraw
Indian Management August 2022

Together we go ahead

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Bringing diverse people into an organisation over those from the dominant culture amounts to a zero-sum game where there are winners and losers.
MYTH 2: Our mission is to improve opportunities for marginalised groups, so we are reaching some diverse people and communities.
MYTH 3: Our organisation works within an area that is not diverse, so this is not relevant.
MYTH 4: The leaders (including board and executive staff mem and executive staff members) of our organisation are well-meaning and not biased.
MYTH 5: Our organisation has been fulfilling its mission and has never been accused of discrimination, bias, or not being welcoming or accessible. It has not been a problem for us.
MYTH 6: Our organisation would like to have more diverse leadership (board and staff), but we cannot seem to recruit diverse people to fill these positions.
MYTH 7: Hiring a non-dominant culture leader will solve DEI issues within our organisation.
MYTH 8: DEI is expensive. We do not have the resources to address it.

by James T. McKim
Indian Management July 2022
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