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Harmony of body and mind

by Audrey Tang
Indian Management February 2024

A sense of well-being—whatever that means to us—results in a number of benefits with research showing greater efficiency, more effective interpersonal interactions and taking of opportunities, greater motivation, and even greater cognitive flexibility (resulting in better problem solving and creativity).

Audrey Tang Audrey Tang is the author of Harmony of body and mind.

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Brand yourself

Whether you know or not, whether you like it or not, you are a brand. Your ‘branding’ happened soon after you were born, and has happened through the various phases of your life. In this age of branding, it is not just companies and products but also people who need reputation management.

by J Devarprakash
Indian Management March 2024

Set up your team for success

MYTH 1: The people on the innovation team are the right people for the team.
MYTH 2: The team should be laser-focused on the outcome. 
MYTH 3: The team knows best.
Myth 4: Innovation teams always succeed.
Myth 5: Company culture is not critical to the success of the team.

by Helene Cahen, MS
Indian Management March 2024

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Unlock the power of mistakes

How do we achieve both the minimization of variability crucial to reliability and the creation of a culture that values the ‘healthy mistakes’ that have been known to drive innovation, psychological safety and competitiveness?

by Frank Devine
Indian Management January 2024

Rehumanising management

With the global realisation and attitude that ‘life is short’, people are putting themselves first more than they were before. How an employee’s values are met within their workplace can be make or break for an organisation. People are now voting with their feet, with staff more likely to jump ship and find new roles that align better with what matters most to them, rather than stick with the traditional stability of an unsatisfying and unrewarding job.

by Dominic Ashley-Timms and Laura Ashley-Timms
Indian Management January 2024
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