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Growing through adversity

by Patrick Gallen
Indian Management February 2021

Summary: In today’s world, where change and disruption are constant, simply bouncing back is no longer a sustainable strategy. Sustainability is all about survival, but the goal of resilience is to thrive. Resilience should not occur in the face of adversity. One has to plan for it in advance, anticipating unexpected disruption.

Patrick Gallen Partner at People and Change Consulting, Grant Thornton, Ireland.

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Set the tone

Executives have an enormous opportunity to use technology to help them scale solutions, offer customer-centric products and services, and pioneer new, immersive forms of engagement in today’s business landscape that’s dominated by technology.

by Bernard Marr
Indian Management January 2023

The S-E-S cycle

Thus, for being productive, it is necessary to improve our sleeping patterns, get adequate exercise, and soak up sunlight on a daily basis. The three necessary variables will not only help increase our effectiveness at work but also make our lives better.

by Amit Mishra
Indian Management January 2023

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Mitigating risks

Security culture is not something that can be built overnight. Having said that, sustained investments in security culture will bring better security RoI in the long run and help organisations build a human defence layer that every industry today desperately needs.

by Perry Carpenter
Indian Management October 2022

A matter of purpose

Employees are pretty observant; they do not miss much. The actions and behaviours they see modeled and the ideals their immediate supervisor appears to value will inform their decisions and behaviour at work. If they see a management team that prioritises tasks, efficiencies, and productivity (job functions), then that is what they will focus on—often at the expense of the company’s own mission.

by Steve Curtin
Indian Management August 2022
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