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Being a leader

by Chris Lewis
Indian Management January 2021

Summary: Busting the following myths:
MYTH 1: Our leaders are good at what they do
MYTH 2: Leadership education is done well
MYTH 3: Leadership is for leaders
MYTH 4: Leadership is the same as management
MYTH 5: Leadership is about being the smartest person in the room

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Oh! Those lala companies

A generic name for family-run businesses in India, ‘lala companies’ have unique attributes—great rewards…and greater punishment, if the lala stops liking your face!

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management December 2022

Find the balance

There is substantial research showing that people who are successful in a holistic way—not just at making money—have high emotional intelligence. Do not confuse intelligence quotient (IQ) with EQ. Effective leaders allow themselves to be emotional privately. They process it, then come back and give the public their best selves, communicating constructively and listening more than talking.

by Jill Bausch
Indian Management December 2022

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More than a eureka moment

Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Innovation occurs in a dramatic thunderclap of insight.
MYTH 2: Innovation occurs organically; it does not adhere to a process that can be taught or followed.
MYTH 3: Innovation is the bastion of Silicon Valley gurus working in R&D labs.
Myth 4: Speed is of the essence! The most successful innovators create solutions and get them into the market quickly.
Myth 5: Customer research can cloud the issue: follow your dreams—go with your gut!

by Lorraine Marchand
Indian Management December 2022

A leader with difference

Debunking the following myths:
MYTH 1: Time is your most valuable resource.
MYTH 2: Experience is everything.
MYTH 3: What got me here, will get me there.
MYTH 4: Good managers are naturally good leaders, and good leaders are naturally good managers.
MYTH 5: I know my weaknesses.

by Antonio Garrido
Indian Management November 2022
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