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Adopting the future of work

by R Sumitra
Indian Management February 2021

Summary: The growing importance of digitalization in MSMEs is not only the policy agenda but is also important for the survival of this segment. Digitalisation will not only improve their competitiveness, but also benefit society at large because SMEs are the main service providers in the regional economic growth and innovations.

R Sumitra is Chief Manager and Faculty, Baroda Apex Academy

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The ideal motivation

If employees find meaning in their work and are valued for whatever they do, their motivation levels will always be at their peak. The best that any organisation can do is attach meaning to the employee’s work as a sense of meaning will win over the impediments that hinder employees’ growth in the organisation.

by Amit Mishra
Indian Management August 2022

A matter of purpose

Employees are pretty observant; they do not miss much. The actions and behaviours they see modeled and the ideals their immediate supervisor appears to value will inform their decisions and behaviour at work. If they see a management team that prioritises tasks, efficiencies, and productivity (job functions), then that is what they will focus on—often at the expense of the company’s own mission.

by Steve Curtin
Indian Management August 2022

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Offset the fear

To allay fears around change, make people aware that there is another side to this mountain and help them move toward it and around it. Remember that many innovations brought into the workplace throughout the twentieth century—the telephone, the computer, the internet—were greeted with resistance until they, too, became the new normal.

by Steve Prentice
Indian Management August 2022

Not without your people

As much as we talk about a technology-driven economy, technology does not solve problems. People do. So how do we address the false belief that technology alone will solve all problems.

by Dr Victoria M Grady and Patrick Mccreesh, Phd
Indian Management June 2022
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