Information Student Portal

Dear Students,

Greetings from AIMA CME!

In its Endeavour to provide better services to its students, AIMA CME has introduced an Online Student Portal for the students registered with AIMA CME in various programs.

Student Portal comes with all the essential functionalities which are required by a student while he/she is undergoing a course with AIMA. The Portal will serve the students as an online interface with a personal and touch for the students.

It provide following functionalities:

  • Student can view his/her updated Fee Details
  • Student can view updated result.
  • Student can fill the progression form and can submit the fee online
  • Student can submit the Examination Fees like exam fee, reevaluation fee, registration fee etc.
  • Student can submit the synopsis and the project.

The Student Portal of AIMA also provides a platform through which student can access the online as well as recorded sessions delivered by faculty members from AIMA Headquarters. The classes are conducted on modular subjects and attending those sessions are mandatory for the students.

Student Portal also helps students view and download various articles and reference material on contemporary issues being uploaded by faculty members

In short, the Student Portal of AIMA is a full-fledged Learning Management System with all the necessary functionalities which ensures enhanced and effective teaching learning environment and gives students a way to connect themselves with AIMA CME support team.

To use the facilities available with the portal, students are required to log into the system through the Student Portal link (→Education Services→Student Portal) with the details given below:

User ID : Student Registration No.

Password : aima (default password, can be changed upon first login)

All of you are advised to log into the portal and follow the instruction to change the password. Once you complete the process, you can access your portal with your registration no. as user id and your password any time anywhere.

We sincerely hope that CME’s Student Portal will help you to access the information instantly and give you a wonderful teaching learning environment.

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