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Wheels of change

by Shashank Shah
Indian Management May 2021

Summary: Indian two-wheeler giant TVS Motor Company has evolved through the ages as not just one of India’s biggest two-wheeler manufacturer but also a responsible and ethical corporation. As the world grapples numerous man-made crises—climate change, air and water pollution, and their resultant repercussions—TVS’ policies and innovative approaches can prove to be a role model for its industry as well as others.

Dr Shashank Shah is SAI Fellow’17, Harvard University. He is author, The Tata Group, Win-Win Corporations and Soulful Corporations

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Harmony of body and mind

A sense of well-being—whatever that means to us—results in a number of benefits with research showing greater efficiency, more effective interpersonal interactions and taking of opportunities, greater motivation, and even greater cognitive flexibility (resulting in better problem solving and creativity).

by Audrey Tang
Indian Management February 2024

Tech for the world

New tech applications emerging in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) make it possible to leverage sustainable impact at scale, and at the same time, seize exciting market opportunities. Yet businesses have only tapped into a fraction of sustainable technology’s potential.

by Marga Hoek
Indian Management February 2024

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Oh! Those lala companies

A generic name for family-run businesses in India, ‘lala companies’ have unique attributes—great rewards…and greater punishment, if the lala stops liking your face!

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management December 2022

Before you make the leap

A star performing employee gets elevated to a big leadership position, but one that is different from his domain. The situation throws up questions such as- ‘How does one learn to say “no” to an offer that is lucrative but not something that one wants do? Once one accepts this offer, but is unable to live up to the expectation of his/her bosses, how does one get out of this sticky situation?

by Girish Mainrai
Indian Management October 2022
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