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The future of the office

by Dr Penny Pullan
Indian Management November 2020

Even once the threat of COVID has passed, it seems unlikely that offices will return to the pre-pandemic stage. Since, we now know that virtual working works on a large scale, instead of trying to return to the old normal, it makes sense for smart managers to tap into the mix of hybrid working situations to come up with the best for the organisation and the individuals who work in it.

Dr Penny Pullan is Director, MakingProjects She is also author, Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams.

Latest Articles

A change in role

The ability for leaders and organisations to create and maintain an authentic human connection will play a critical role in whether organisations either thrive or survive in this increasingly VUCA business environment and leaders must navigate the complexities of our workforce with confidence and vision.

by Patrice Gordon
Indian Management November 2023

A self-perpetuating design

Changing business processes creates new organisational rituals, which leads to a changed culture. The exciting result of this approach is to create the ultimate, self-perpetuating business process design.

by Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini
Indian Management November 2023

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‘Fuel’ their enthusiasm

The speed of new technology disruption seems to be accelerating. Studies have predicted that as many as 375 million jobs may be at risk to automation by 2030. Against this backdrop, you might expect growing enthusiasm to invest in new skills. So why are we not seeing a rush from established professions to become more technology savvy? 

by Dr Helmut Schuster and Dr David Oxley
Indian Management November 2023

Take a moment

Reactive thinking is one of the many dysfunctional symptoms of our often chronically imbalanced corporate cultures in which doing eclipses being, the left brain dominates the right brain, and sensing, feeling, intuiting, and the transpersonal are relegated to the outer fringes of life.

by Nicholas Janni
Indian Management October 2023
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