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Mobilise your ‘secret army’

by Isobel Rimmer
Indian Management November 2020

If leaders mobilise the full potential of every member of the organisation’s ‘secret army’—people who resolve demos, chase payments, carry out checks, deliver goods, supporting sellers, handle logistics and deliveries, address queries, and resolve technical glitches—then they can come out stronger post COVID-19.

Isobel Rimmer is founder, Masterclass Training and author of the new book, Natural Business Development: Unleash your people’s potential to spot opportunities, develop new business and grow revenue.

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A deeply personal act

Storytelling is a key part of our shared human experience. It has long connected people across cultures and brought together groups who may seem like they have nothing in common, through tales of success and learnings. But what is often forgotten is the power of storytelling, especially in business.

by Yetunde Hofmann
Indian Management May 2023

Reaching the next level

"Busting the following myths-
MYTH 1: Work-life balance is key.
MYTH 2: Sustainable businesses cannot exist at scale.
MYTH 3: The customer is always right.
MYTH 4: Strategic pricing is complex.
MYTH 5: Failure is always bad."

by Alex Brueckmann
Indian Management May 2023

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Business 2030

Marginal behaviours, choices, and ways of life can be eye openers in their own right, even where they are likely to remain at the fringes. Never mind that the behaviours are seemingly confined to the fringes; there are entrepreneurs who believe there is scope for mainstream expansion and see growth where others see only issues, confusion or nothing much at all.

by Dr Helen Edwards
Indian Management May 2023

A win-win situation

By focusing on both the needs of your customers, as well as those of your employees, you can ensure that everyone’s best interests are taken into consideration when making decisions or driving forward key initiatives within your organisation.

by Greg Kihlström
Indian Management April 2023
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