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‘Fuel’ their enthusiasm

by Dr Helmut Schuster and Dr David Oxley
Indian Management November 2023

The speed of new technology disruption seems to be accelerating. Studies have predicted that as many as 375 million jobs may be at risk to automation by 2030. Against this backdrop, you might expect growing enthusiasm to invest in new skills. So why are we not seeing a rush from established professions to become more technology savvy? 

Dr David Oxley Dr David Oxley is co-author, A Career Carol: A Tale of Professional Nightmares and How to Navigate Them.

Dr Helmut Schuster Dr Helmut Schuster is co-author, A Career Carol: A Tale of Professional Nightmares and How to Navigate Them.

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Harmony of body and mind

A sense of well-being—whatever that means to us—results in a number of benefits with research showing greater efficiency, more effective interpersonal interactions and taking of opportunities, greater motivation, and even greater cognitive flexibility (resulting in better problem solving and creativity).

by Audrey Tang
Indian Management February 2024

Tech for the world

New tech applications emerging in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) make it possible to leverage sustainable impact at scale, and at the same time, seize exciting market opportunities. Yet businesses have only tapped into a fraction of sustainable technology’s potential.

by Marga Hoek
Indian Management February 2024

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Mastering influence

Influence is ubiquitous and you are using it, well or poorly, in your life whether you are aware of it or not. You have likely been to a powerful workshop or training program where you felt you learned a lot.

by Tsun-Yan Hsieh and Huijin Kong
Indian Management February 2024

Carrot or stick

Across every society, culture, and business, there is a fundamental behaviourist idea that if you reward certain behaviours you will get more of them, and if you punish certain behaviours, you will get less of them. However, according to many recent headlines, rewards do not work nearly as well as people think when it comes to changing behaviour.

by Nik Kinley and Shlomo Ben-Hur
Indian Management January 2024
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