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Act today

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management April 2023

While the unprecedented speed of change in the contemporary world is remarkable, so, too, is the fact that the acceleration is primarily due to human behaviour and consumption patterns.

Krishan Kalra Krishan Kalra is a past president of AIMA and member, BOG IIMC. He is Trustee, Climate Project Foundation India.

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Harmony of body and mind

A sense of well-being—whatever that means to us—results in a number of benefits with research showing greater efficiency, more effective interpersonal interactions and taking of opportunities, greater motivation, and even greater cognitive flexibility (resulting in better problem solving and creativity).

by Audrey Tang
Indian Management February 2024

Tech for the world

New tech applications emerging in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) make it possible to leverage sustainable impact at scale, and at the same time, seize exciting market opportunities. Yet businesses have only tapped into a fraction of sustainable technology’s potential.

by Marga Hoek
Indian Management February 2024

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Clean energy, green future

A consensus has been arrived at the global level that we may have to essentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster a sustainable low-carbon economy for our own survival.

by Dr MP Sukumaran Nair
Indian Management November 2023

A climate-positive officeverse

Why do we work in offices at all? During the Covid-19 shutdowns, a lot of productive office work got done without offices. Hybrid work and flexibility are now normalised, but the future of work is up for grabs. Office shock will continue for many years to come. And that can be an opportunity for climate-positive officing.

by Christine Bullen Joseph Press Bob Johansen
Indian Management March 2023
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