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A chance for the future

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management November 2022

A look at the adverse effects of human activity-induced climate change and how it can be prevented.

Krishan Kalra is a past president of AIMA and member, BOG IIMC. He is Trustee, Climate Project Foundation India.

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For better communication

Generative AI can help all of us to be more connected, clear, concise, and confident in our communication. By partnering with AI in our preparation and practice, we can better help our audiences to understand, remember, and act on our communication.

by Matt Abrahams
Indian Management September 2023

Unlock value-creation

Foundational to the next era of sustainable performance decision-making will be the creation of value for all stakeholders across the entire value chain. If we get it right, we will enjoy free energy; land and oceans will be revived and become productive; and food and clean water will be abundant for all.

by Stuart McLachlan and Dean Sanders
Indian Management September 2023

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Act today

While the unprecedented speed of change in the contemporary world is remarkable, so, too, is the fact that the acceleration is primarily due to human behaviour and consumption patterns.

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management April 2023

A climate-positive officeverse

Why do we work in offices at all? During the Covid-19 shutdowns, a lot of productive office work got done without offices. Hybrid work and flexibility are now normalised, but the future of work is up for grabs. Office shock will continue for many years to come. And that can be an opportunity for climate-positive officing.

by Christine Bullen Joseph Press Bob Johansen
Indian Management March 2023
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