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Workplace courage

by Angie Morgan
Indian Management August 2021

It has been the toughest of times-leading through a pandemic. But what can we learn from what we have all been through? How will it change us as leaders? And how should we lead out of lockdown? These are just some of the questions that we believe leaders should be pausing to ask themselves.

Angie Morgan is an executive coach and co-creator, Lead Star. She is author, SPARK, Leading from the Front, and Bet on You: How Leaders Win with Risk.

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The winning formula

Research has demonstrated that competitive advantage in business, today, erodes faster than in the past. In the coming decades, organisational design will be key if business executives reset management by making the transition from traditional and rigid management to organisational agility.

by Stéphane JG Girod
Indian Management September 2021

Put ‘design’ into action

In today's time of rapid change and a shift in our approach towards collaboration, it makes sense to apply design to the ways we work together, right down to individual meetings and workshops. How effective would your organisation be if every session was aligned to your organisational goals?

by Dr Penny Pullan
Indian Management September 2021

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Lead to win

Most of the published literature has focused on why meetings fail or succeed, scheduling meetings efficiently, planning for a successful committee meeting, etc. Emphasis is now on how to make the best of a meeting. Sufficient focus is not espoused on the leadership dimension, a key aspect for effectiveness.

by KK Verma
Indian Management September 2021

Beyond the call of duty

As COVID-19 has created a lasting impact of life, business, culture, etc., the traditional working model is losing ground and is struggling to transform and manage their distributed workforce. This changing work terrain calls for a changed transformational leadership model that is servant-based.

by Dr Sini V Pillai
Indian Management August 2021
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