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The course of future

by Dr Sini V Pillai
Indian Management September 2021

Just as electricity transformed lives upon its discovery, AI is changing and is continuing to change our lives completely. One of the most discussed topics, these days, is the application of AI in the automobile sector.

Dr Sini V Pillai is Assistant Professor, CET School of Management College Of Engineering, Trivandrum.

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Oh! Those lala companies

A generic name for family-run businesses in India, ‘lala companies’ have unique attributes—great rewards…and greater punishment, if the lala stops liking your face!

by Krishan Kalra
Indian Management December 2022

Find the balance

There is substantial research showing that people who are successful in a holistic way—not just at making money—have high emotional intelligence. Do not confuse intelligence quotient (IQ) with EQ. Effective leaders allow themselves to be emotional privately. They process it, then come back and give the public their best selves, communicating constructively and listening more than talking.

by Jill Bausch
Indian Management December 2022

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De-to re-humanising

Industrial Revolution 5.0 is human-centric with focus on socio environmental sustainability and brings the power back into the hands of humans. Industry 5.0 will bridge this gap to create future systems and services that focus on social and environmental aspects utilising data and technological advancements from Industry 4.0.

by Dr SiniI V Pillai and Sindhu Pillai
Indian Management September 2022

Offset the fear

To allay fears around change, make people aware that there is another side to this mountain and help them move toward it and around it. Remember that many innovations brought into the workplace throughout the twentieth century—the telephone, the computer, the internet—were greeted with resistance until they, too, became the new normal.

by Steve Prentice
Indian Management August 2022
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