Online Interviews

AIMA has diversified its testing & assessment service offerings to PSU’s, Ministries, Corporates and other organizations to meet the requirements of selection thru interviews.

Due to COVID-19 situation coupled with central and state government guidelines and policies in each state, it has become more and more challenging to conduct interviews. As an effort towards facilitating candidates at a time when social distancing is advised, AIMA has introduced ‘Virtual / Online Interviews’

The specifically customized tests are designed and developed to suit the requirements of various clients for admission as well as for recruitment. AIMA has introduced the concept of Online Interviews to facilitate the interaction with the candidates and the online interviews are being conducted in hybrid model which involves the following platforms:

  1. Development of Customised Online Software / Utility to meet specific Requirement
  2. Use of licensed version of Standard Digital Platform of Digital Meetings

The online interview is being conducted using the following modules/interfaces:

  1. SCHEDULING & CANDIDATE INTERFACE: Candidates can access the detailed interview call letter and can also upload their portfolio/ documents as required.
  2. INTERVIEW PANEL INTERFACE: Interview panel members will be able to see the Interview Schedule, Candidate Profile and has the facility to award marks/grades online.
  3. CANDIDATE AUTHENTICATION: The candidate’s authenticity is verified with already registered photo & appearing candidate live snapshot
  4. ONLINE INTERVIEW thru DIGITAL PLATFORM: Interview panel members sitting at different locations can have live interaction/session with Authenticated Candidate (Program Wise/ Post wise).
  5. RESULTS: Marks awarded online by each panel members will be auto compiled and results generated.
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