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Skill & Competency Certification

To recognize and certify Skills in the area of Training and to establish quality standard in training process, All India Management Association (AIMA) being a national apex body of management in India undertakes the responsibility of Assessment & Certification of Training Skills.

AIMA has two assessment and certification schemes:

  • AIMA Certification as "Certified Trainer" (ACT)
  • AIMA Certification as "Certified Training Coordinator" (ACTC)

The certification is recognition of competencies and skills acquired by an individual as a Training professional.

AIMA also customizes skill certification modules/ processes for clients for their specific needs where the employees are not required to be trained by AIMA, but have already acquired knowledge / skills based on earlier qualification/ experience / policies etc. AIMA offers certification of individuals/ groups of people as per client requires on specific skills e.g Project Management, Training Evaluation, Training Administrator etc. In such cases AIMA based on client request for certification of specific skills develops criteria/ process for evaluation, does assessment and certifies individuals for those skills.

AIMA Members Certified as Trainers


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