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Workshops and Trainings

Employability Skills

AIMA UKIERI Institutional Capacity Building Project

Management education and training has not kept pace with change in economy and needs to change to meet the challenges of business. The most challenging national requirement is the need to mobilize effectively the large young and qualified human resource. There is a huge gap between what industry needs and what is available in terms of skilled candidates / students.

AIMA would design and develop “Employability Enhancement Skills Program” to be delivered through multi model delivery methods, either by academic institute faculty or AIMA, within the institute campus or at other convenient location. Announcements about the programs shall be made shortly.


AIMA invites B Schools and educational institutes to collaborate to offer Employability Skill programs for enhancing employability of students / improving placement. These Skill Trainings will organized in-campus.

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Saumya Singh
Deputy Director
Ph.No.011-47673010 (D) 
Mob : 9810475327 

Nidhi Sharma
Mob : 9810536427

Neha Malhotra
Mob : 8178340214

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