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National Management Quiz (NMQ)

Upcoming Event : 24th National Management Quiz - 2023

The National Management Quiz has been designed as an innovative, interactive programme to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas packaged in exciting rounds. Learning through management quizzing is fun and goes beyond the traditional bounds of management training.


  1. To assess and review awareness level on core management issues as well as latest developments in management concepts and practices
  2. To benchmark knowledge with others in an environment of healthy competition and lots of fun
  3. To hone skills in lateral thinking, teamwork and decision making under pressure
  4. To feel stimulated and inspired to accelerate learning curves

The NMQ covers general management, marketing, advertising, HRM, finance & capital markets, business events and personalities in the news.

The Competition is first held at regional levels to qualify for the Grand Finale. The regional and national winners are awarded cash prizes and trophies instituted by various corporates.

National Management Quiz - 2019

The 20th edition of AIMA’s National Management Quiz was conducted across India. The regional rounds were held in Mumbai on 22 May; Bengaluru on 23 May; Kolkata on 24 May and the Delhi regional round and the Grand Finale was held on 31st May in Delhi.

The programme witnessed a participation of over 110 teams from all over India comprising of both private and PSU companies.

SAIL- Bokaro Steel Plant emerged as National Champion in this year’s NMQ. POSOCO was the National 1st runners up and SAIL - Bokaro Steel Plant was the National 2nd runners up

Dr. Rajib K. Mishra, Director - Marketing & Business Development, PTC India Limited presided over the event as Chief Guest and handed over the trophies and prizes to the winning teams.


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Sample Questions

Q Which management guru with a background in medicine wrote a book called the "Mechanism of Mind"?
A Edward De Bono
Q Top Gear, launched recently by Worldwide Media Ltd., is a joint venture between Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd. and which organization / company?
A BBC Worldwide (Since its inception in 1993, Top Gear is one of UK's leading auto magazines)
Q Which famous publication devised the Big Mac Index?
A The Economist
Q Retail giant Wal-Mart is known for its worldwide strategy of EDLP. Expand EDLP.
A Every Day Lower Prices
Q Which management guru became known for his pioneering research on national and organisational cultures?
A Gert Hofstede
Q Which clothing brand was the first to introduce the concept of fashion store by day and bar by night in India?
A Provogue
Q Which Indian company has a customer relationship programme called Passport Programme?
A Hero Honda
Q Which company employees hundreds of thousands of American teenagers to popularise a new launch?
Q Which company organises a Challenge Bibendum car show?
A Michelin
Q Project Tejasvani is an initiative by which company to empower its women employees?
A Tata Steel
Q Which tech (net) company organises a Codejam Competiton to find the best programming talent?
A Google
Q Which billionaire is associated with the Open Society Institute which donates large sums to various organisations the world?
A George Soros
Q Which new advertising methodology was used by Sony to promote its show ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’ at Mumbai in November 2003?
A 'Flash mob' where a few dozen people converged at Apna Bazar and chanted ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’.
Q In 2003, which brand had created an advertisement character called Terry Tate?
A Reebok
Q As the net gathered momentum, Jack Welch asserted that there should be a new G.E. way. He named it What does it stand for?
A ‘destroy your business’ i.e. blow the damn thing up before the competition does.
Q “Nuts – Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success” (by Keven and Jackie Freiberg) is about which company ?
A Southwest Airlines


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