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Membership & Network

Institutional Membership


  1. Corporate Members – Life Time Membership
    Corporate Members shall consist of any organization / educational institute in the private, public or joint sector, engaged in industry, trade or commerce by paying on time payment.
  2. Combined Institutional Members (Annual)
    Institutional Members shall have the option of becoming Combined Institutional Members of AIMA and affiliation with one of the Local Management Associations (LMA).
  3. Multiple Combined Institutional Members
    Combined Institutional Members which have establishments in locations where other LMA exist, may become members of those LMAs by paying additional subscription per LMA.
  4. Separate Institutional Members
    In areas where there is no LMA: an organization can become a direct member of AIMA.
  5. Small Medium Enterprises (SME)
    Institutions / Corporates shall have the option of becoming Institutional Members of AIMA in SME category which has annual turn over upto 50 crores.


Co-operating Members shall consist of national or international organization(s) interested in and concerned with one or more aspects of management. They may be invited by the Council to become Co-operating Members for such period as may be decided. They shall not pay any subscription.


New Member shall consist of any organization in the public, private or joint sector, engaged in industry, trade or commerce, department, directorate or other agency engaged or interested in training and in development of management and for administrative functions. In the case of educational institutions, only AICTE approved Management Schools and Research Organizations approved by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India are considered for membership. In case, AICTE withdraws the approval for any reason whatsoever, the membership of such schools will automatically cease. New Members are enrolled on the financial year basis. Anyone admitted between April to March shall have to pay full year’s subscription and entrance fee. To apply for membership, please fill in the Applications Form in duplicate, and send it along which a demand draft for the total amount of entrance fee and annual membership subscription (including GST), directly to the Membership Division of AIMA, Existing members of LMA’s, who wish to be considered for the Institutional membership of AIMA, will be excepted from the payment of any entrance fee. After the application has been scrutinized by the AIMA Secretariat, the Council will consider and approve. Thereafter, the applicant will be intimated regarding the admission, giving the grade of membership to which admitted, and the date of admission.

Category Entrance Fee (Rs) Subscription
Fee (Rs)

GST @ 18%


Total Fees (Rs)
Corporate Member (Onetime fee) Nil 2.5 lacs Rs 45,000 Rs 2,95,000/-
Combined Institutional Member ( with turnover more than 50 crores) Rs 5,000 Rs  25,000
per annum
Rs 5,400 Rs 35,400/-
Multiple Combined –
Annual Membership Fee
Rs 5000 Rs  25,000
per annum + (Rs 6,250 per LMA)
Rs 5,400 + (Rs 1125per LMA) Rs 35,400 +
(Rs 7,375 
per LMA)
Separate Institutional Members Rs 5000 Rs  25,000
per annum
Rs 5,400 Rs 35,400
Small Medium Enterprises (SME) (less than 50 crores) Rs 2500 Rs 12,500 per annum Rs 2,700 Rs 17,700


  1. Every institutional member will enjoy all rights and privileges of the association in accordance with the provisions of Memorandum of the Association, Rules and Regulations and Bye – Laws. These rights and privileges will be non transferable by his / her own act or by operation of firm.
  2. Every institutional member’s two representatives will be entitled to attend and participate in the meetings, discussion, lectures and other such management development programmes which are organized by AIMA or by its affiliated LMAs from time to time.
  3. Every institutional member admitted to AIMA membership will be liable to follow in professional practice, the AIMA Code of Conduct for institutional members and will also make a genuine attempt to foster the standards laid down.


Representatives of Institutional members: On the basis of all India election by institutional member five percent of the total strength of membership, subject to a maximum of Eight (8).


Institutional members shall have the following voting rights at the General meeting of the AIMA.

Institutional Member: Those paying annual subscription to the AIMA Rs.25,000/- - One Vote

Corporate Member: Those paying one time subscription to the AIMA Rs.2.5 lakhs – One Vote




  1. Free of charge, 2 copies of AIMA Monthly Journal “Indian Management”.
  2. Monthly Aima E News – Management times
  3. Complimentary Membership of AIMA Library
  4. Affiliation of one of the 62 Local Management Associations except Separate Institutional Members.


  1. Platform to interact with other members / business leaders / entrepreneurs / Politician / academicians and other Institutions.
  2. Opportunity to attend and participate in the meeting, seminars and other such programmes.
  3. Networking opportunities with Indian and Global corporate Majors.
  4. Sharing the issues with members through programs about Indian and Global trends.


  1. Photocopies of the Original sources of the management abstracts available at a nominal charge.
  2. Concessional price for AIMA Publications
  3. Fora to improve the internal efficiency and productivity of the organization
  4. Platform to experience the Industry best practices on competitiveness and management expertise.


  1. Concession in fees for Management Development Programs.
  2. The AIMA News – Management Times will carry names of new institutional / corporate members.
  3. Priority will be given to members in Corporate Category for registration of participants for AIMA programmes.
  4. Representation on the council of management of the association, which is Governing body of AIMA, on the basis of an all India election by Institutional / Corporate members.

Download Membership Forms Apply for Institutional Membership (CIM)

For further details, please contact :

Anoobhav Sehgal / Shalini Ahuja / Venus Godiyal
Assistant Director / Manager-LMA Relations & Membership
Management House, 14, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003
Tel: 91-11-24621323 (D) 43128100, 24645100 Ext.: 541, 531, 527
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