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Section: Procurement Adjusting to New Realities: Automation, AI/ML - GPS 2021 | Category: Categories , Procurement Management

Procurement Adjusting to New Realities: Automation, AI/ML - GPS 2021

Date: 03 Feb 2021 | Duration: 1:31:41

In this session, the speakers emphasise on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management sharing Automatic Supplier qualification assessment and bid evaluation using Machine Learning.

Speakers: Dr Rajeev Kandpal, JS & Chief Financial Officer, Government e-Marketplace , Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India ; Mr. Mayank Mehrotra, Director, Deloitte India ; Ms Eliza, Senior Counsel-Public Procurement, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and Mr Ashutosh Dutta, Senior scientist and 5G Chief Strategist, Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), USA

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