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Train the Trainer (OT), Harnessing Training Skills including Online Training (OT) Skills

16 Apr 2021


Contact Details

Ms Saumya Singh, Deputy Director
All India Management Association, New Delhi-110024
WhatsApp Number / Ph.No.9810475327;

Understand and learn the methods of effective training design & delivery for face-to-face and online trainings

Trainers’ work starts with converting training needs into deliverables, developing training module and imparting training to help learners maximize their learnings. Studying the impact of training is also trainers should know. The trainer’s role is also extended to put the learner at ease, so that he does not feel nervous and learns with an open mind. The trainer establishes the importance and ingredients of the training and its relationship to work and reason why the trainee is being taught. Throughout the training session trainer creates interest and encourage questions, finding out what the learner already knows about his job and clearly tell, show, illustrate and question in order to put over the new knowledge and operations. It is equally important for trainers to put together training content compared to deliver the same to achieve the training objective.

The spectrum of trainer’s role is from counselling, coaching, mentoring, training, moderating to facilitation. Most effective trainers need to take respective roles in any given situation to maximize the training impact. Therefore understanding of these roles is important. To help trainers master there training skills, AIMA has been conducting ‘Train the Trainer’ programme for more than 20 years and has also conducted various in-company trainings on the theme.

AIMA’s Train the Trainer Module is designed to enable organisations to develop their own internal training capabilities so that companies can harness the latent abilities of their people.

In these challenging times, up-skilling employees is an important key to navigate the business. Learning and development initiatives are also keeping the virtual teams engaged and connected. Virtual training delivery has become the necessity and will trend in coming times. It is mandatory for trainers to learn and catch-up with the immediate change requirement. The trainers need to quickly modify and re-design learning modules to suit the online training methods and acquire skills to deliver as impactful trainings as they use to.

The trainer establishes the importance and ingredients of the training and its relationship to work and reason why the trainee need to learn. Throughout the training session trainer creates interest and encourage learners. It is as important for trainers to put together training content and deliver the same to ensure that the stated learning objectives are met.

To help trainers learn the online training delivery skills, AIMA has introduced an exclusive module in the Train the Trainer programme – ‘Online Trainers (OT)’.

This is very practical, enjoyable and worthwhile workshop that will not only develop new trainers but also enhance the skills of those people who are already conducting trainings in physical set-ups and also on virtual.

Learning Objectives

The program prepares participant trainers to design and deliver effective training instructions for face-to-face and online trainings. By the end of the training the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to convert training needs into training delivery module
  • Effective training delivery
  • Learn methods of engagement of learners in online trainers
  • Develop insights into creating an engaging and impactful training content for physical & online training
  • Learn the tips on effective virtual presence
  • Impact assessment

For Whom

Internal faculty / trainers, Line Manager who acts as trainers, training facilitators, technical experts who would like to become trainers.

Training Content

  • Training methodology
  • Converting training needs into training deliverables
  • Structuring training delivery
  • Role of instructor in adult learning
  • Ice breaker designing & rapport building
  • Delivery skills , communication and body language
  • Assessment of impact of training

Content for Online Trainers

  • Online training design & delivery
  • Training online tools
  • Engagement for learners
  • Art & science of online training delivery

Highlights of the Training

  • 1080 minutes of training
  • Online – live
  • Chat, video and audio interactions with faculty
  • Chat with fellow learners
  • Group work – Of-line
  • Hands-on experience
  • Post training - reference e-reading and video references
  • E - Certificate of participation

Registration Fee

Rs.8500/- per participant + 18% GST as applicable on the participation fee.

Rs.500/- discount for AIMA Members, additional discount of Rs.500 for 2 participants or more from same organisation.

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