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It is tough to make decisions in personal and professional life because most decisions involve a clash between ethics, values and morals. Adoption of ethics, values and morality requires a thorough understanding of these concepts. Decisions are neither absolutely right nor absolutely wrong and there are always two sides to each decision. Choice between right and wrong has always bugged mankind and so it happens in professional life too. This is further complicated when values and attitudes come into picture and perplex the individual.

Individuals and organizations have suffered heavily, as we have seen recently, when a proper choice between clashing morals and ethics could not be made. As is rightly said, no entity or human-being is invincible and infallible. How does one take the most balanced decisions without running the risk of ethical misconduct?.

Training Objectives

• To help managers take decisions that protect the company’s ethical reputation while not violating moral codes
• To help team leaders create and foster ethical conduct in their teams
• To help individuals in taking personal decisions whenever there is a clash between personal morals and organizational ethics
• To enable participants discern between right and wrong and become accountable for their actions

Program Content

• Importance of Ethical Conduct in the current business environment
• Consequence of violations of ethical behaviour in teams and departments
• Why people tend to behave unethically or immorally?
• Origins of Morals, Ethics, Values
• Understanding Integrity and why it matters
• Case studies of ethical dilemmas
• How to resolve ethical dilemmas and conflicts
• What to do when there is clash of values
• Creating ethical behaviour norms in teams

Target Audience

• Leaders, Managers and Executives 
• Refresher for senior managers in leadership positions
• Aspiring managers and professionals 


Ppt presentation, case-study presentation, exercises and group-discussion


INR 5000 + GST @ 18% per learner. 10% discount for two or more.

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