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FDP - Mainstreaming Sustainability In Higher Education

With Special emphasis on Sustainability Research

09 Jan 2023


Contact Details

Rahul Bhatia
Tel: +91-11-47673000 / 49868399, Ext. 722
Mob: +91-9891963303, Email:

Event Date: 9th – 13th Jan 2023


Programme Director: Dr. Nayan Mitra, Distinguished Researcher & Founder – Sustainable Advancements


Need of the Programme

The need for a Faculty Development Programme on 'Mainstreaming Sustainability in Higher Education is now more than ever. Sammalisto, Sundstrom, and Holm (2015) observes regarding Education on Sustainable Development (ESD):

“Although faculty and staff in universities still perceive sustainability as peripheral to their functions (Wals, 2014) and are in the early stages of the learning process (Mulder et al., 2012), they are the change agents who can and will engage in the ESD (Barth and Rieckmann, 2012). Universities are now progressing from the “bolting-on stage” of SD (Sterling, 2004), starting to face the challenge and building in more systematic changes for SD (Wals, 2014). The next stage requires universities to equip leaders, faculty and staff with a perception of sustainability in the academic context they can apply to their functions at the university. For this change to become a transformation (Sterling, 2004), SD needs to be integrated in all university activities and be transformed into practical actions, which calls for innovative educational cross disciplinary approaches (Warburton, 2003) and a thinking paradigm (McKeown et al., 2002).”


Programme Duration, Dates & Mode of Delivery
This programme is of 5 days duration to held from 9th January to 13th January 2022 in online live (Synchronous) mode via Zoom Platform.

Topic to be covered in the Programme

20 SESSIONS (4 Sessions of 1.30 Hours each day for 5 days)

Session Topic

Fundamentals Of 'Sustainability'

  • Introduction to Sustainability – concepts, theories, models
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals – 17 goals
  • New and Emerging sustainable business strategies – circular economy, supply chain sustainability
  • Creating an ecosystem for change. Role of collaborations and networking
  • Stakeholder theory. Concept of shared value
  • Sustainability communication
  • Greenwashing. Resource Mobilisation.
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Social Impact Assessment study, outcome measurement
  • Expert Speak 1

Mainstreaming Sustainability In Academics

  • Integrating Sustainability in Course Curriculum
  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Collaborating for research
  • Sustainability Research: Group Activity
  • Case Study Writing: Group Activity
  • Faculty Project: Individual activity
  • Research Assignment
  • Research Assignment
  • Research Assignment
  • Expert Speak 2

*Assessment through Assignments through the Course

Who Should Attend this Programme

Faculty members of B-Schools & Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)

Programme Outcome

By attending this Faculty Development Programme, the Faculty will be:

  • Presented with a broad range of approaches, ideas, and resources in the domain of Sustainability;
  • Exposed to national and international content and pedagogy on sustainability;
  • Equipped to bring in sustainability perspective in their teaching and research;
  • Nurtured to foster an inter-disciplinary approach for larger projects.

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology will include interactive Sessions/lectures by experts, Q/A, discussion, case studies, expert learning.

Course Material

The course pack comprising power points, original research, learning aids, reading materials etc. will be provided to each participant.


Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be provided with “Certificate of Success" jointly by All India Management Association and Sustainable Advancement.

Enrolment & Registration Process

You can enrol in the programme by registering online.

For online registration CLICK HERE

Programme Fees

The programme fees is Rs 17,700/- (including GST @18%) which include cost of Programme Learning Material & Examination fee.

Programme Director

A pracademic and an international authority on Sustainability, CSR and Responsible Leadership, Dr. Nayan Mitra is the recipient of many international and national awards for her sustained effort in mainstreaming Sustainability and Responsible Leadership through her comapny, Sustainble Advancements; research publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books; and her dedicated social impact with multi-stakeholder groups. She is the Springer series co-editor of Responsible Leadership and Sustaiable Management; National President of the Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) Sustainable Businesses Council; India Chair for G- 100 for Circular Economy; Global Mentor of Change (GCPIT) to name a few.

About Sustainable Advancements

Sustainable Advancements ( is an internationally acclaimed thinktank specialised in the domain of Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Leadership. Committed to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it delivers world-class teaching, endorses latest research, publication and consultancy using innovative, original and scholarly materials and enriches public discourse on sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and responsible leadership through forums, conferences, peer-to-peer exchange and expert-to-practitioner dialogue. A pioneer in this field, Sustainable Advancements aids in bridging the gap between ideas and actions, communities and businesses, india and rest of the world, thus bringing about holistic sustainable development.

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