AIMA’s Webinar on Starting up with Minimum Viable Product

09 Jul 2022


Contact Details

Deepali Singh, Chief Mentor- Startup Business Strategy And Operations
Mobile: +91 9250127573

Webinar overview

This webinar will talk about, starting and establishing business, validating the business idea and also the essential insights for startups to get it right!

When it comes to turning your business idea into a marketable service or product, many entrepreneurs struggle with where to start. Maybe you’re struggling with how to sell your product or service? Wherever your challenge lie, the magic is in the execution. You must be prepared to make an investment of time and money, and factor in some determination, to turn your vision into reality.

For Whom

For aspiring Founders and Entrepreneurs who want to establish and scale up their business.

For Students who want to understand the art and science behind starting and establishing business successfully?

Key Takeways

  • Problem definition process A great product or service solves a problem. What problem can you solve and turn into a moneymaker?
  • Lean Startup methodology
  • Minimum Viable product :Get a prototype as close to your product vision as possible. This is the time to correct, add to, or take away from your product idea.

Speaker's Profile

Speaker of the Webinar & Chief Mentor- Startup Business Strategy and Operations

Long before she decided to set out on her own entrepreneurial voyage, Deepali was already working with raw ideas and building businesses from the ground up. Having been one of the core members of, she headed and curated successful businesses like and With i2MF, she is here to use her long years ( 25 years ) of diverse experience to help startup founders navigate the choppy waters of setting up and growing a business as smoothly as possible.

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