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The New Emerging Skills for Leaders and Managers in Twenty First Century

20 Oct 2022


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The twenty first century is characterised by constant disruption. Business markets are volatile. The end customer’s behaviour is uncertain. The way people buy and sell is facing a seismic shift.

On top of this technological advancement has never been as exponential as it has been in the twenty first century. Selling techniques are democratised, customers are empowered and globalisation innovates how business is conducted.

It’s up to you as a leader to face these changes head in. Yet with business environments becoming more complex, hybrid mode of working thanks to covid has added on to the existing burden.

“Your Leadership Style Requires a Makeover”, hence the training which is designed to fill in this gap.


  • Adopting a modern mindset to deal with the unique changes of twenty first century.
  • Enable participants to lead, perform and contribute by managing self and teams
  • Deliver knowledge, skills and attitude required for cross-functional expertise
  • Prepare participants to manage business in a challenging environment
  • Help candidates strategize, plan and execute business to achieve organizational goals


Interactive and experiential. Icebreaker, quiz, activities, psychometric tests, caselets would be part of the training.

Key deliverables


Leaders need to make a shift to people centric management, relating with teams to better drive performance.


New ways of working and introduce new processes which are standardised and can be measured vis a vis customer requirements thus creating a culture of Excellence.

Instigate Change

Leaders need to be at the forefront of change, actively introducing and using new processes, motivating teams to embrace change.

Key Takeaways

How to apply changes in these three areas

  1. Improving agility of leaders and managers
  2.  Improving agility of the team

An agile approach allows them to adapt quickly.

  1. Connected leaders capabilities
  2. Capacity building
  3. Data analysis
  4. Effective from a distance
  5. Self development

An action plan would be created for the participants to enable them to apply the acquired skills at workplace.


INR 5000 + GST @ 18%

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