AIMA Online Training On Lean Manufacturing

01 Dec 2022


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Neha Malhotra, Manager – Trainings
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The training program will help you imbibe the core concepts of Lean manufacturing, understand the concept of Value, learn to identify (and mitigate), wasteful activities and strive to continuously improve your operations. An overview of Lean tools and principles will be shared.

Training Objective

The objective of this course is to train Learners on “LEAN MANUFACTURING”, A very important business methodology for creating a culture of “continuous excellence” in organizations. By deploying LEAN practices, organizations are able to accomplish sustained competitive advantage and are better prepared to face any economic downturns due to better operational costs, optimized processes & better visibility in operations.

Who should attend?

Any professional from manufacturing sector, spanning across different industrial sectors, seeking to understand the principles and tools of the LEAN methodology and with a desire to improve their own operations. Further, this valuable skill set will definitely augment the knowledge and help them in their career growth.

Training Content

  • LEAN philosophy
  • What is Value?
  • Understanding Waste Thoroughly?
  • Push, Pull and Flow
  • One piece flow
  • How speed impacts productivity
  • JIT/Lean production
  • Value Stream mapping
  • Time Ladder (process time, lead times, throughput)
  • Process analysis
  • Critical Lean KPI’s
  • Approach to Lean & Toyota Way
  • Standardization
  • Executing Fast change over
  • Performing Root cause Analysis correctly
  • Poka-Yoka (Best form of control)

Training Benefits

  • Focus By applying the Lean manufacturing, you shall be able to better understand the meaning of waste and thereby be able to take proactive actions for mitigating and eliminating wasteful activities in your operations. Therefore, your operations will be focused on activities that bring value from the customer’s perspective.
  • Improving productivity & efficiency When employees are focused on delivering value, the overall operations will chieve higher productivity, efficiency and agility.
  • Smarter process (pull system) By establishing a pull system, you will be able to reduce inventories and deliver work only when there is actual demand.
  • Better use of resources When your operations become LEANER, resources are optimally utilized, waste and defects are mitigated & agility and flexibility is accomplished.


INR 5000 + 18% GST per participant

Speaker's Profile

Parag Dadeech:

Parag Dadeech is an industry veteran with over 27+ years of diversified experience, spanning multiple business sectors & geographies covering the USA, S.E Asia & India. In his last corporate assignment, Parag was the CEO & Executive Director at Hindusthan Group, New Delhi & was spearheading the establishment of the Green-field project for Epoxy Resins in Bharuch, Gujarat, India. He has widely traveled globally for diverse business engagements, supply-chain partnerships & technology joint ventures. He takes pride in being able to effectively straddle the cusp between Technology oriented businesses as well as traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. He is a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt with a penchant for driving operational excellence & Lean.

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