AIMA Online Training On External And Internal Communication In Organizations

A Practical MasterClass

23 Nov 2022


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Neha Malhotra, Manager – Trainings
M: 8178340214 | E:

Event Detail: 3 PM – 5 PM


Integrating past feedback and contemporary training needs an enhanced, intensified and practical training experience has been conceived and designed for our patrons. The subject MDP has been endorsed and appreciated by a wide spectrum of participants.

To ensure that you get the worth of your time and other resources, to assure that hastily done communication does not pass your scrutiny, this is a powerful training programme intended to impel your team to revisit some of the fundamentals and principles that will make your external and internal communication stand out. Participants will be able to convert dull, routine communication to an engaging, alluring and satisfying work of art and explore for themselves how even works of non-fiction, such as business correspondence, company profiles, internal messages, and website content too have the potential to be sculpted and burnished by trained hands.

The unique feature of this MDP is its practical, hands-on design that enables learning-by-doing. Participants are empowered and equipped to embellish their routine communication from the next working day.

Training Objective

Hands-on Knowledge and Skill Enhancement in the field of Organizational Communication.

Distinguishing Feature

Based on training needs identified by senior, experienced professionals, this programme is designed to add potency, impact and effectiveness to written, oral and visual communication companies and individuals enter into with external and internal stakeholders.

The following Difficulties and Challenges garnered from diverse sources have been factored into this programme-

In finalizing written company content such as information brochures, company profiles, annual reports, etc

In finalizing visual content such as corporate films, ppt presentations, AV presentations

In drafting responses to questions and concerns by stakeholders

In publishing or broadcasting positive stories about corporate achievements

In building positive media relations

Training Outcomes

Using experience-sharing, case-discussion and time-tested principles of effectiveness garnered by the faculty who has been in a senior position in a reputed PSU facing enormous CC challenges from all over, this programme will provide the participants valuable insights into moving from mere information-sharing to persuading and influencing stakeholders.

Programme Content

  • Essentials of effective organizational communication
  • Moving from communication to persuasion and influence
  • Written communication with stakeholders
  • Building rapport and networking
  • Using story formats in written and oral communication
  • Decoding your external and internal communication- does it suck or impress?
  • Reworking and sculpting corporate presentations
  • Brevity, choice of words, Openings, Closing, Subtext, Surprise, Show- Don’t Tell principle

Misc.Skills- Reviewing and Approving-

  • Ppt presentations
  • Speeches and pages for senior Management
  • Internal Communication
  • Corporate films and audio-visual presentations
  • Press releases
  • Positive stories about the organization
  • Corporate film scripts


INR 5000 + GST @ 18%

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