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AIMA Online Training On Emotional Literacy For Professionals

28 Dec 2022


Contact Details

Neha Malhotra,Manager – Trainings
M: 8178340214 | E:

Event Detail: 11 AM – 1 PM


Emotional Regulation is an essential part of Emotional Literacy that ought to have been taught in schools. This skill is rated higher than even functional skills when it comes to success in job and satisfaction in life. Unfortunately, it is not given the due importance in our school and college education.

Emotions run like background music in the individuals- affecting their relationships, efficiency, effectiveness and overall satisfaction with job and life. Teams where the players are emotionally literate, secure and balanced outshine all others. The players report heightened satisfaction with their jobs and life.

You need this skill as early and as urgently as you can come upon it. It changes lives.

Training Objectives

Participants will learn to do a self-scan of their emotional states while on the job. Recognize emotions, understand emotions, label emotions, how they make others feel with their actions and words, how to release pent-up emotional energy in socially acceptable ways, how to express emotions with dignity, cultivating emotional resilience and how to achieve a state of overall satisfaction with life by reining emotions in productive ways.

Benefits of Attending

  • Internal threat of emotional illiteracy is far more serious than any external threat- defeat this enemy
  • Restore balance in personal and professional life
  • Improve your impression and your perception and Appraisal by others
  • Restore harmony and productivity in teams if you are a team-leader
  • Become a happier, more productive, more likeable person if you are a team-player


Employees of all levels from junior executives to middle and senior managers

Program Content

  • How emotions affect job performance and life’s happiness
  • Understanding the emotional cycles encountered in working life
  • Emotions vs feelings vs drives vs motivation- understanding the difference
  • Learning to recognize, understand, label, express and control emotions- in self and others
  • Changing Behaviours and Impressions by Reining Emotions
  • Proven Techniques of Emotional Regulation- How Not to be affected by Emotions- Case Study


INR 5000 + GST @ 18%

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