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AIMA Online Training on Business Correspondence Skills

Stand out from the crowd. Elevate your Career

18 Jan 2022


Contact Details

Neha Malhotra, Manager – Trainings
Mob: 8178340214 | Email:

Event Date: 18th January, 2022 | 2 PM – 5 PM



This powerful training has originated and evolved to its current state of high-effectiveness based on the needs expressed and feedback given by participants from previous programmes on this topic. During a time when a large part of official work is handled from home and through digital media, the quality of your internal and external business correspondence can affect your reputation and career. Professionals are perceived by others in the context of the communication they send through their email and letter-correspondences.

You can attend this training with your existing basic, working knowledge of language. Does not need expertise in grammar and vocabulary. Crafted for the typical working professional.

Meticulously designed and structured with real-life demonstrations

Easily learnable and implementable

Training Objectives

  • With simple, practical tips and guidelines, you will be able to improve your Business Correspondence considerably to get the desired outcomes from recipients.
  • Leave a favorable impression, create goodwill for yourself and your company even when handling angry recipients or clients

Target Beneficiaries

  • This programme has been conceived and designed to benefit executives and managers across all departments in organizations, notably- Admin, H.R, Finance, Marketing & Selling, Corporate Communication & P.R, Complaints, Purchase, Procurement, Engineering & Design, Production, all support Services. Executive Assistants/Personal Assistants to senior executives will benefit too.

Benefits of Attending

  • Polish up your external and internal correspondence- Emails, Letters, Refusals, Proposals, Reports, Enquiries, Product promotions, seeking favours and pending payments, replying to angry stakeholders and misc routine communication such as responses to queries, complaints, and business enquiries
  • Be effective and assertive in your internal communication in the organization with peers, departments, new recruits, superiors and juniors.
  • Make every email and letter an image-projection opportunity, an occasion to impress, persuade and influence, to get things done, to say ‘no’ while maintaining relationships, to earn reputation and goodwill for the organization
  • This training covers a wide spectrum of correspondence you generally handle now, or will handle at senior levels later

Why we need this programme?

Working professionals today write emails and letters casually and hastily without planning- this offends the receivers leading to loss of impression and goodwill. The biggest damage done is- hampering relationships. One of the significant reasons why written correspondence does not elicit responses is traceable to lack of formal training or skilling in effective business correspondence.

The tendency is to blame the recipients of our correspondence. Only when we look inward, we realize that there is a lot each one of us can do to elevate our internal and external correspondence skills. Be it a letter or an email or even a telephonic or WA message.

Even with slight errors in our correspondence, relationships within departments and units are weakened, goodwill is affected, and getting cooperation from other units and departments of the organization becomes difficult.

Look around you and you will find people that write mails and letters in highly formal, stereotyped, detached manner…Their mails and letters get feeble, delayed or no responses from recipients. Reminders have to be written. On the other extreme are those that use sms lingo which causes more harm than good.

Whatever be one’s current skill-level, there is always scope and space to improve upon correspondence skills. The good news is… it is possible to elevate these skills in a short-duration interactive training session conducted by experienced resource-persons who have spent decades receiving and sending superbly crafted internal and external communication.

What is the main thrust?

Making your business correspondence audience-centric. Retaining goodwill within colleagues internally and business associates externally.  Getting desired responses from your recipients.

Who can benefit from this?

Designed for all categories of employees- from junior executives to senior managers and Directors

What will be covered?

  • How business letters/emails can persuade people and yet retain goodwill for you
  • Being courteous and assertive in correspondence
  • Not offending the recipient
  • Being gender and racially sensitive
  • Being brief and pointed
  • Using positive words even to convey refusals and bad news
  • Avoiding angry tones
  • The aim is to retain goodwill while writing
  • Avoiding verbosity and redundancy in letters
  • Planning for correspondence
  • Sticking to the point of the correspondence


Fee: INR 3500 + GST @ 18%

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