8th National Competition For Managers NCM 2023-24


24 Jan 2024




In the era of digital transformation, businesses find themselves at the precipice of a profound paradigm shift, one that extends its reach into every nook and cranny of their operations. The impact of digitalization is not confined to the periphery; it penetrates the very core of business processes, touching upon crucial facets such as marketing, sales, human resource, customer service, supply & distribution, manufacturing, and internal operations. As companies navigate this transformative landscape, they increasingly recognize that embracing the digital revolution is not a mere option but an absolute imperative for ensuring their survival and prosperity in the modern business ecosystem. 

In this digital age, adaptability and innovation take center stage. The companies that thrive are those that can seamlessly integrate digital technologies into their overarching strategies, foster a culture of perpetual learning and embrace change as a constant companion on their journey. Success is no longer a matter of being measured solely by financial metrics; it hinges on an organization's ability to continuously evolve, connect with a tech-savvy customer base, and remain at the forefront of the ever-accelerating pace of technological advancement.

As you embark on your organization's transformation journey, we warmly invite you to share how the dynamic interplay of talent and technology is propelling your evolution into a future-ready entity. While the presentation should adhere to a concise format of 10 slides, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent limitations. By showcasing the most significant impact areas and elucidating how they relate to your organization's transformation, you can ensure that the presentation maintains a coherent flow for the audience's easy comprehension.

The Format

  • Personal presentation for 10 minutes to the jury followed by Q&A from them.
  • Two teams per category per region to be shortlisted for the Grand Finale.


  • PSU
  • Private & Academia

Evaluation Criteria

  • Clarity and substance of presentation
  • Teamwork and synergy in presentation
  • Contribution to effective managerial thinking and performance
  • Ability to communicate with and respond to questions effectively from the judging pan
  • Suggestion - Participant are suggested to keep the PPT upto 10 slides

Eligibility Criteria

  • A two-member team of executives from the same organisation is eligible to participate
  • Organisations / Institutions are also free to nominate as many as teams as they wish

How do you Benefit

  • Interact with the bright and talented contenders who they compete with in a highly stimulating environment
  • Build leadership qualities, hone presentation skills and learn to work as a team
  • Gain a broader perspective into the strategic and tactical aspects of the business environment they work in
  • An opportunity to interact, and learn from the reviews and inputs of an eminent jury comprising luminaries from academia, the corporate world, management consulting, and the media etc

Date of the Competition (Online)

Regional Round 1 15th December, 2023
Regional Round 2 19th January, 2024

Top three teams in each Category would be awarded with trophies and certificates.

Participation Fee

No. of Teams AIMA / LMA Members Non- Members Academician
1 Team Rs. 32,000 Per Team Rs. 33,000 Per Team  
2- 4 Teams Rs. 31,000 Per Team Rs. 32.000 Per Team Rs. 20,000 Per Year
5 Teams or above Rs. 30,000 Per Team Rs. 31,000 Per Team  

Terms and conditions

  • GST will be charged extra

           AIMA GSTIN NO. 07AAATA1644A1ZH       AIMA PAN NO.: AAATA 1644 A

  • Registration will only be confirmed on receipt of participation fee
  • The fee paid is non-refundable/non-adjustable, though participation by a substitute is allowed
  • Each team will be required to send the mandatory non-refundable entry fee, along with the registration form
  • The fee should be sent by a crossed demand draft/cheque in favour of All India Management Association, New Delhi
  • For online registration, please visit www.aima.in

Past Winners

Year PSU Private
2023 1 NTPC Bosch Ltd
2022 IOCL Ashok Leyland
2020 GAIL India Ltd Cholamadalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd
2019 NTPC Ashok Leyland
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