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8th Business Responsibility Summit and Project Excellence Contest & Awards

05 Aug 2021


Contact Details

Mr Dipen Sharma
Asst Director- Center for Management Development (CMD)
Email:, Mobile: +91 - 9953551926


Business Responsibility has today assumed centre stage with the changed expectations of society from businesses in recent years. The business of business is no longer the maximisation of shareholder value. By acting responsibly and keeping in mind the impact of their actions on people, the society and the environment; companies can build greater trust and strengthen their relationships with all of their stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects a company's recognition of the fact that 'doing good is good for business', and businesses are increasingly turning to CSR to make a difference and build a positive brand image.

AIMA is pleased to announce the 8th edition of its 'Business Responsibility Summit and Project Excellence Contest & Awards' which will focus on the stellar role that corporates and civil society have played in executing CSR projects. The Summit & Contest is being anchored by Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Secretary General, Indian Steel Association and a well-recognised name on the subject. We want to honour and award those companies and civil society organisations who have done outstanding work in this field; and showcase exceptional Covid and non-Covid related CSR projects. The Summit will be a platform for dissemination and recognition of CSR work that makes our country and our planet a far better place to live in.

The Project Excellence Contest

The Project Excellence Competition is a refreshing, stimulating and dynamic contest through which teams coming from individual organisations will get the opportunity to learn and compete against teams from other participating organisations, in an environment which empowers team building, harnesses competitiveness and encourages innovative thinking. This contest aims to showcase the best of CSR Projects undertaken by both Corporates as well as Civil Society Organisations. It will provide a platform on which award winners will get a chance to present their outstanding achievements to the wider world.

The Project Excellence Contest will project India's leading CSR initiatives in the following two categories:

  • Project/s on Covid related CSR Activities (implemented during the period 1/4 /2020 to 30/6/2021)
  • Project/s on Non-Covid related CSR Activities (implemented during the period 1/4/2018 to 30/6/2021)

This award recognises organisations / Institutions which have successfully managed and implemented CSR in business practices as a part of their DNA.

Guidelines & Rules at a Glance

  • The Project Excellence Contest is open for any firm/company/organisation/institution/NGO/Trust that has implemented CSR Projects in any of the TWO categories listed above.
  • Organisations/Institutions can nominate one or more projects in one category and can also nominate across the two categories.
  • Submission of Registration & Consent Form: Interested firm/company/organisation/institution/NGOs/Trusts/ Section 8 Companies to submit the duly filled in Registration & Consent Form to AIMA at
  • Submission of Project Narrative Write-up, PPT and Participation Fee

The entry is to be sent online along with the participation fee to be sent to AIMA latest by 10th July, 2021.

  • Participation at the Jury Presentation Round:
  •  The project received would be evaluated on the basis of Design, Quality, Monitoring, Impact and Evaluation (particularly independent / third party evaluation where applicable) through a jury presentation.
  • The Project presentations will be made through Video Conferencing as per the presentation slot provided to the respective organisations.
  • The presenters would be expected to explain the salient features of the Project and its overall impact.
  • Award Ceremony and Presentations:

The winners in each category will present at the 8th Business Responsibility Summit and Project Excellence Contest & Awards scheduled to be held on 5th & 6th August. Two best projects in each category will also be conferred an award during the summit.

Participation Fee

Participation Fee

1 Project (Fee in INR)

2 Project (Fee in INR)

3 & more Projects (Fee in INR)

Fee before GST Rs. 20,000 each Rs. 17,500 each Rs. 15,000 each
Total Fee after GST
@18% (per project)
Rs. 23,600 each Rs. 20,650 each Rs. 17,700 each

Submission Format

The entry to the Project Excellence Contest should be submitted in a fixed format.

For more information Click Here to download the Project Guidelines.

Key Dates

  • Last date for submission of Project/s Narrative Write-up, PPT and Participation Fee – 10 July, 2021
  • Presentation of the shortlisted cases to the Jury for final round – End of July, 2021
  • 8th Business Responsibility Summit and Project Excellence Contest & Awards – 5 & 6 August, 2021

Evaluation Parameters

The projects will be judged against the criteria of Design, Quality, Monitoring, Impact and Evaluation (particularly independent / third party evaluation where applicable).

Initial shortlisting of the entries will be based on the Narrative write-up and PPT formats submitted by the Organisation.

General Rules

  • All decisions of AIMA in relation to the Project Excellence Contest shall be final and no queries or correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
  • Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  • AIMA reserves the right to refuse the participation of, or to disqualify any Team and/or Participant from the Contestat any time. All decisions taken by AIMA, including any decision to refuse the participation of or to disqualify anyTeam and/or Participant from the Contest shall be final and binding on the Participants.
  • AIMA reserves the right to shorten, modify or cancel the Contest at any time, without assigning any reason. AIMA shall have no liability in the event of such shortening or modification or cancellation, and neither the Participant .Teams shall not be entitled to make any claim against AIMA in this regard.
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