49th National Competition for Young Managers (NCYM 2023)

Three T’s of Growth: Talent, Technology & Transformation

22 Sep 2023


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Poonam Rawat - Manager
Mob. 9818381229, Email: prawat@aima.in

Talent, technology, and transformation are vital components for growth in today's rapidly evolving business environment. Talent encompasses the skills, knowledge, and experience of an organization's workforce. To achieve growth, companies must identify, attract, and retain top talent while also fostering a culture of continuous learning to develop their employees' skills.

Technology is another critical driver of growth in the digital age. Organizations must leverage technology to stay competitive and enhance their operations. From automation to artificial intelligence and data analytics, technology can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide valuable insights. Companies must keep up with technological advancements and continuously upgrade their systems and processes to stay ahead.

Transformation refers to an organization's ability to adapt and respond to market trends and disruptions. Companies must be agile and responsive to changing customer needs, emerging technologies, and industry trends. They must be open to experimentation, innovation, and calculated risktaking to remain competitive.

In summary, talent, technology, and transformation are the three pillars of growth for organizations in today's dynamic business environment. By investing in their workforce, embracing technology, and being open to change and transformation, companies can drive growth and achieve long-term success.

We welcome hearing about how your organization is transforming through talent and technology to become a future-ready entity, keeping in mind that the presentation should not exceed 10 slides. It's important to consider the limitations of presenting in such a concise format. With only 10 slides, it may be challenging to cover all aspects comprehensively. Therefore, it's essential to prioritize the most critical aspects and ensure that they are presented clearly and concisely.

To make the most of the limited slide count, it may be helpful to focus on the most significant impact areas and show how they relate to your organization's transformation journey. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the presentation has a clear flow and is easy for the audience to follow. Overall, while 10 slides may present some limitations, with thoughtful planning and prioritization, it is possible to present a clear and compelling picture of your organization's transformation journey towards becoming a future-ready entity.

How do you benefit

  • Interact with the bright and talented contenders who they compete with in a highly stimulating environment
  • Build leadership qualities, hone their presentation skills and learn to work as a team
  • Gain a broader perspective into the strategic and tactical aspects of the business environment they work in
  • An opportunity to interact with and learn from the reviews and inputs of an eminent jury comprising luminaries from academia, the corporate world, management consulting, media etc.

What is NCYM?

All India Management Association has been organising the National Competition for Young Managers (NCYM) annually since 1974, with a view to recognise competitive excellence among young managers and by providing them an unparalleled opportunity to hone their analytical, creative thinking, problem solving, team working and leadership skills in a national-level competitive setting. The competition has continued to gain in strength and popularity year after year and corporate organisations have recognised its value as a useful tool to groom their young managerial talent for higher responsibilities. The NCYM today is one of the foremost and hugely popular pan India National-level Competition meant exclusively for the young managers working in public and private sector organisations in business and industry. The competition brings disparate teams of young executives from the corporate world on a common platform to research, analyse, discuss and deliberate on a theme of contemporary managerial interest and national significance.

The format

The Competition would be held under two segments - PSU and Private & Academia

Each team will get a total of 15 minutes for the oral presentation. The panel of judges will then subsequently ask questions. It is mandatory that all the team members participate in making the presentation.

After first 13 minutes of the presentation by any member of the team, there would be an indication of remaining 2 minutes to complete the presentation. If any team stretches the presentation beyond the time limit of 15 minutes, there would be negative marking.

The teams will make the presentations before the panel of judges in the respective regional rounds. Thereafter, the Jury will select top teams from each segment.

Eligibility criteria

A three member team of executives less then 40 years of age (as on January 1, 2023) is eligible to participate. The team should be from an organisation only. Organisations are also free to nominate as many teams as they wish.

Each team will be require to send the mandatory non-refundable entry fee, alongwith the registration form. The fees should be sent by a crossed demand draft/cheque in favour of All India Management Association, New Delhi and is payable in advance (at least 10 days ahead of the competition).

Regional rounds (Online)

All Rounds will be conducted Online

Regional Round Date
Regional Round 1 31st August, 2023
Regional Round 2 4th September, 2023
Regional Round 3 15th September, 2023
Regional Round 4 22nd September, 2023
Grand Finale : 29 September, 2023 (Online)

Participation fee (per team)*

(A team of three persons) 1-2 Team 3-6 Teams 7-More Teams
For Members of AIMA Rs 35,000 Rs 32,000 Rs 30,000
For Non-members of AIMA Rs 37,000 Rs 34,000 Rs 32,000
  • 18% GST will be charged extra
  • AIMA PAN No.: AAATA 1644 A
  • The program would be conducted digitally on a secured platform meeting the security measures as suggested by CERT-IN and MHA Advisories.
  • Registrations are confirmed upon receipt of payment only
  • Log-in details for joining the programme will be shared with the participant(s) only after the receipt of the participation fee
  • Bank or any other charges will be extra on remittances
  • All India Management Association (AIMA) reserves the right to postpone events or amend the programme if necessary
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