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2nd AIMA Businessunusual Series, January – March 2021

Instant Karma: Marketing At the Speed of Byte

06 Feb 2021


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Vikas Sharma
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Tel: 011- 2460 8524 / 24608511 / 43128100

The first edition of AIMA's Business Unusual Series - a set of 7 one-day programmes conducted digitally, which were aimed at preparing enterprises to deal with some of the critical business issues which required immediate attention due to the ongoing pandemic – was a huge success. Delegates who have attended these sessions have rated the programme and its contents very highly.

Now, as the enterprises are resuming business operations, they are finding themselves in an entirely new business scenario. The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed demand patterns for products and services across sectors, while exposing points of fragility in global supply chains and service networks. It has also accelerated trends such as remote working, digitization and the adoption of new technologies. The continuing uncertainty further compounds the challenge of making business strategies for immediate survival and future growth, calling for new and upgraded skills in the post-Covid world.

Considering the above imperatives and in continuation of its endeavor to help build management capability in these difficult times, AIMA has set up the 2nd Series of BusinessUnusual Programmes. The programmes under this series will concentrate on strategies that will help an enterprise come out of the COVID-19 crisis stronger and also prepare it for future scenarios.

Participation at these programmes will be limited upto 25-30 participants per programme, to enable all delegates to takeadvantage of interacting and asking questionsof the speakers.

The Great Reset: Leadership in a Transformed World
15 January 2021

The world has changed in 2020 and there is a need to reimagine leadership in the changed scenario. The simultaneous health crisis, economic stress, breakdown of supply chains, market fragmentation, retardation of global cooperation, rule by decree, rise of technology etc have altered the conditions for doing business. Leadership in this transformed world needs to respond with a new mindset and knowhow. Instead of rebuilding old structures on the rubbles of disruption, leaders must use the crisis as an opportunity to reset goals, structures, systems and culture for a new level of competitive advantage. Leaders need to enhance the value proposition of the enterprise and change the ways of creating and delivery value. They need to offer a new deal to the stakeholders in the new world.


Instant Karma: Marketing At the Speed of Byte
06 February 2021

Marketing has come a long way from the spray and pray methods, yet it continues to face questions about its effectiveness. While digital tools, media and metrics have given marketers the power of direct surveillance and intervention, brands still cannot get satisfaction. The exponential proliferation of media and domination of algorithms have created new challenges of relevance and value. While the digital and social media have created new branding opportunities, they have also increased risks to brands. Marketing at the speed of byte needs more contextual analytics, strategies and decisions because karma is instant in the digital realm. As markets become more chaotic, marketers must achieve a better fit among brands, media and consumers. Marketing needs another reinvention to gain the trust of brands and consumers and deliver results.


Disruptive Technologies and Industry 4.0
27 February 2021

Industry 4.0 is no longer the future. The breakdown in production, supply chain and revenues during lockdowns has convinced enterprises of the need for autonomous machines and business processes. Technology developers are also racing to deliver faster and cheaper tools, platforms and applications, and technology development itself is getting automated and accelerated. While all this is aimed at greater productivity and resilience, it is also disrupting the conventional value propositions and the known ways of organizing production, distribution, sales, customer engagement, innovation, etc. Business competitiveness and resilience are set to be transformed by selfmanaging machines and processes that rely on instant intelligence from sensors on infrastructure, equipment, products and people. This requires a fundamental shift in the thinking and skills of everyone in an enterprise's value chain.



All participants joining the programme will be awarded the 'Certificate of Participation' from AIMA after the programme

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the programme is

  • INR 15,000+ GST per participant per programme for 1 to 4 nominations
  • INR 12,500+ GST per participant per programme for 5 to 8 nominations
  • INR 10,000+ GST per participant per programme for 9 or more nominations
  • Group discounts can be availed on nominations from an organisation over multiple programmes under the series

  • Plus 18% GST, GSTNo. AAATA 1644 AST001, PAN No. AAATA 1644 A
  • The programme would be conducted digitally on a secured platform meeting the security measures as suggested by CERTIN and MHA Advisories
  • Registrations are confirmed upon receipt of payment only
  • Cancellations are not accepted and delegate fee are non-refundable, however substitutions are permitted
  • Log-in details for joining the programme will be shared with the participant(s) only after the receipt of the participation fee
  • VAT will be charged where applicable
  • Bank or any other charges will be extra on remittances
  • All India Management Association (AIMA) reserves the right to postpone events or amend the programme if necessary

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