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11th Pragati- Celebrating Achievements of Women

Embrace Equity: Challenge Stereotypes through Innovation, Inclusiveness & Inspiration

23 Mar 2023


Contact Details

Ravi Jangra, Deputy Director - CMD
Mobile: + 91 9811811231, Email:

As Organisations move towards building a competitive edge through Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness, the UN Campaign theme for International Women's Day 2023 is a call to "Embrace Equity- Challenge stereotypes". Young Women Professionals need to step forward.This mentoring program is designed for aspiring young women, focusing on, strengthening their mindset, challenging themselves, navigating through stereotypes to achieve their dreams. It aims at "polishing the diamonds" and "tapping the potential within".


The Sessions have been carefully crafted to guide participants through Experiences and Best Practices by Speakers from diverse fields and geographies, to show case the Need and Processes to Embrace Equity and Challenge Stereotypes in their journey to success and initiatives by Organisations to facilitate.


Session 1 - The Evolving Diversity Environment
A fireside chat with an eminent professional. It will highlight the present landscape, nuances and solutions.


Session 2 - Empowering the greater 50
This Session will bring out Best Practices by Organisations towards facilitating an environment of Equity, where aspiring women professionals are encouraged to move forward towards their goals through:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Innovative policies
  • Work styles
  • Safe environment
  • Eliminating biases
  • Development programs


Session 3 - Breaking the Moulds
This story telling session will showcase challenges, faced by successful professionals from varied fields, in their journey to leadership positions, highlighting efforts to:

  • Navigate stereotypes
  • View adversities as challenges
  • Break perceptions
  • Bring thought revolution

Special Sessions towards Building Capabilities

  • Enhancing your Emotional quotient
  • Strengthening your communication & presentation skills
  • Impact of Diet on the Mind


  • Best Practices
  • Quiz

Best Practices Competition

Many of us have experienced first-hand a changing workplace with different ways of working, determined by new guidelines. Some of these have worked and some have been experimented with, and dropped. Organizations have their own way of measuring what is working and what is not. A best practice is deemed such if it works well for the employees, and also motivates them to perform productively at work, whethertheir workplace is their home, or office. Do share with us the Best Practices adopted by your company. It could be:

  • New Technology deployed to ensure effective working.
  • New Policy adopted to bring about ease of working
  • Any aspect of communication put into practice your organization considered as a best practice
  • Any area/function/process that you 'Chose to challenge' bringing out positive change or improvement.
  • Any sub function of Human Resources, Supply Chain, Business Model, Sales, Marketing or others, accepted as new thinking and is working.
  • Any best practice in the area of Workplace Health and Safety.
  • Any best practice in diversity and inclusion. 
  • Do provide examples and data to support the Best Practice that you present.

Competition Format

  • Last date for registration is 17th March, 2023
  • The presentation will be made online
  • The team will be of 2-3 members (only female, exceptions could be in case of Startup's only where maximum 1 male participant could be allowed per team)
  • Jury presentation to be made by nominating team(s) on 20th/21st March, 2023
  • Your team's presentation should have a maximum of 10 slides
  • Top 3 teams would be announced on 24th March, 2023
  • Awards and certificates for best practices


  • PSU
  • Medium & New Age Companies (Upto 1000 Employees)
  • Private Enterprise (1000+ Employees)

Women's Quiz (Quiz Master - Ajay Poonia)

The Women-only segment would have a mix of past and present in all fields of business, history, science, sports and current affairs.

Quiz Format

  • Last date of team nomination is 22nd March, 2023
  • The team will be of 2 members (only female)
  • The Quiz will be conducted online on 23rd & 24th March, 2023
  • Awards and certificates for top 3 teams

Participation Fee

Program 1 Team
/Case / Delegate
2 - 3 Team
/ Cases / Delegates
4+ Team
/ Cases / Delegates
Best Practices Competition (Per Case) INR 15000 INR 12500 INR 10000
Women's Quiz (Per Team) INR 10000 INR 9000 INR 8000
Conference Only (Per Delegate) INR 2500 INR 2000 INR 1500

GST will be additional


  • Multiple nominations are welcome from one entity
  • 10% discount for AIMA Member companies / institutes
  • 10% discount for companies nominating teams for both the competitions
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