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11th MSME Convention

MSMEs: Road to Sustainable Development

21 Jan 2022


Contact Details

Nidhi Sharma, Centre for Management Education
Tel- 9810536427, Email -


AIMA has been regularly organizing Annual MSME Conventions to address Policy and Capacity Building issues concerning the MSME sector and have held them previously in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad and Guwahati. More than 300 delegates participated in each of these conventions. Over the years, these conventions have helped MSMEs come together to review policy initiatives of the Government, appreciate their role and place in the national economy and formulate the agenda for progress.


The Convention objective is to discuss subjects such as  Innovation Readiness of Indian MSMEs:

  • Issues and Challenges,
  • Emerging Opportunities for MSME
  • Innovative Financing for MSMEs
  • Branding & IP: Challenges for MSMEs and Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies for MSMEs.

Some of the best minds and professionals will address these topics on various sessions, and will be  share  their valuable experiences and insights on innovative solutions for the MSMEs in these challenging times.

Speaker Invited

Shri Narayan Rane
Hon'ble Minister of Micro,
Small and Medium Enterprises
Government of India
Rekha Sethi
Director General
All India Management Association
Sankar Bala Bhadrapatruni
The Chief General Manager
(Small & Medium Enterprises Business Unit)
State Bank of India
Dr. J S Juneja
Chairman AIMA MSME Committee
Chairman, Global Projects & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Amitabh Bhattcharjee
Jamshedpur Management Association, (JMA)
CK Ranganathan
President AIMA
Chairman & Managing Director,
CavinKare Pvt Ltd.
Rene Van Berkel
Representative UNIDO
Regional Office, India
Ms. Alka Nangia Arora
Chairman cum Managing Director
The National Small Industries
Corporation Ltd (NSIC)
Mehnaz S. Safavian
World Bank,
Vinod Kumar Wuthoo
India SME Forum
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
Past President,
Calicut Management Association
Vinamra Mishra
Ministry of MSME, Govt of India
B.B Swain
Ministry of MSME
Government of India
Abdulhasan Al-Dairi
United Int'l SMEs Organizations (UNISMO)
Sushma Morthania
Morthania Director General - India SME Forum
Aneesh Banerjee
Bayes Business School,
City University London
Parveen Arora
Advisor/ Head of Innovations
DST, Ministry of Science & Technology
Tamal Datta Chaudhur
Centre for Knowledge Ideas and Development Studies (KnIDS)
Trilok Kumar Jain
Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EIE)
Rajesh Kumar Pandey
Omniscient Computers Consultants
Dr Sunil Shukla
Director General, EDII
Ajay kumar Thakur
Head – SME & Start-up
BSE Limited.
Amit Raj Sinha
Managing Director & CEO
Sigachi Industries Pvt. Ltd
Anmol Bohre
Co-founder and MD
Enigma Automobiles
Ms. Barbara Terenzi
Arup Majumdar
Chief Executive Officer
Trariti Consulting Group
Harpreet Kang
General Secretary
Ludhiana Management Association
Sreedevi Reddy
VP- Startup Ecosystem
@Xelpmoc Design & Tech Ltd
Dr. Arun Kumar Sarma
Director General

Who Should Attend

AIMA’s MSME Convention will feature some of the best minds and professionals as speakers who will share their experiences and success stories. It will be attended by around participants including:

  • Budding Entrepreneurs
  • Developing and established entrepreneurs
  • Senior Government officials
  • Professionals from Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Financiers and Consultant
  • Media
  • Technology, Infrastructure and other Service Providers
  • Potential Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Product Development, Branding,
  • Marketing, Business Development and Sales Agencies
  • Consultants

Key Benefits

  • Exposure to latest developments in MSME banking and within markets regionally and nationally
  • Opportunities for Enterprise Development
  • Innovative ideas of Accessing Finance
  • Networking opportunity with stakeholders
  • Platform to know more about innovative business tactics and products
  • Distinguishing your products with value-added services to support the growing needs of the current MSME markets
  • Formulating Risk Management Policies
  • Benchmarking against experienced and renowned National, International Enterprises through successful case studies and interactive panel discussions.
  • An opportunity to market your products
  • Question and answers session to ask your business related queries
  • Learning from the success stories of various renowned enterprises


For registration feel free to contact.

Sponsorship and Advertisement slots available.


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