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Q1.What is AMT?
A1. The Accredited Management Teacher (AMT) Certification is administered by Centre for Management Services of AIMA, New Delhi since 1996. AMT is an objective assessment of academic achievements and professional experience in teaching, research, consultancy, training, industry, business etc.

The AMT designation becomes the formal recognition of certain required level of proficiency in providing quality management instruction.

Q2. What is the purpose of the certification?
A2. AMT was initiated to provide a common forum where practicing managers, consultants, management teachers and Business Schools could come together to fulfill the need of full time resource/ visiting faculty to various B Schools.

Q3.Who can take the AMT? What are the eligibility criteria for AMT?
A3. AMT certification is for those eligible candidates who have an industry or academic experience and aptitude for management teaching. They have to present themselves before AMT accreditation board for becoming an Accredited Management Teacher.

Post Graduate Degree or equivalent in a discipline relevant to management education.
Post Graduate level regular teaching experience of minimum 3 years.
Industry / consultancy / training / research experience of minimum 5 years.
Note: Experience will be counted subsequent to achieving the requisite PG Degree or equivalent qualification.
Additional weightage given for:
a) Consistently good academic performance up to postgraduate qualification. Doctoral qualification relevant to management / business administration subjects is desirable.
b) Academic distinction / achievements in the area of specialization.
c) Study materials development in the area of specialization (teaching notes, case studies, working papers, monographs, textbooks etc.)
d) Contribution to body of knowledge through publication of research articles and research concentration in frontier areas of management.
e) Use of innovative pedagogical tools during the presentation like computer, role-plays, case methods of teachings, business simulation etc.


The Accreditation board comprising highly reputed academic from institutes of excellence, senior practicing managers and consultants with proven track record would conduct interviews with candidates to assess his/her knowledge base, teaching style and familiarity with pedagogical tools.

Q4. How much is the registration fee?
A4. Registration fee is Rs.3500/-( non-refundable).

Q5. How can I register for AMT?
A5.The registration procedure is as follows:

  • Application form is free of cost. The form can be downloaded from our website ( It can also be sent on request.
  • Attach two passport size photographs, self-attested copies of certificates with the form.
  • Select the field of specialization in the form. The certificate will be issued in the area/specialization mentioned in the application form as ‘Core Area of Specialization’ only.
  • Submission of the form and registration fee to AIMA, New Delhi. The application has to be completely filled and submitted at least three weeks before the scheduled date of interview.
  • Applicant needs to prepare a presentation related to his/her field of specialization.
  • AMT Presentation and interviews are conducted once in a month i.e. normally on Second Friday at AIMA, New Delhi.
  • Applicant needs to present himself for the panel interaction on the scheduled date and time at AIMA, New Delhi.
  • The result of the certification process will be communicated after three weeks from the date of interview.

Q6. What is the presentation pattern?
A6. The applicant presents a topic of his/her choice related to his/her area of specialization. Presentation has to be a power point presentation. Presentation equipment is provided by AIMA. The duration of the presentation should not be more than 20 minutes. This is followed by interaction with the panel.

Q7. Who benefits from AMT?
A7. The AMT applicant adds value to his/her profile by getting the prestigious certification of AIMA. The Management Institutions utilize the data of AMTs for their academic assignments. The data provides them a ready reference of certified faculty members. AMT data is also referred by the corporates for their consulting or research purposes. For Management Development Programs and Trainings also, corporates utilize the data of Accredited Management Teachers of AIMA.

Q8. What are the other benefits to AMTs?
A8. By becoming an AMT ample opportunities shall unfold in the areas of teaching, research, training and consultancy. It helps in networking with management academics, consultants, practitioners and business schools across the country. AMTs brief resume shall find its due place in the database of full time / resource / visiting faculty members and the B-Schools shall have access to this exclusive database. Name, specialization and contact details of AMTs are placed on AIMA website.

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