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Interaction with Imran Khan-Leadership for Change

Press Release
India-Pakistan peace easier to achieve now than ever before: IMRAN KHAN
‘Once the internal war is settled, there will be a clamp down on militia’
‘Youth want peace and all we need is strong leadership’

December 7, New Delhi: It is easier to solve Kashmir problem and achieve peace in the subcontinent now than ever before, according to Imran Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the third-largest political party in Pakistan. “The youth of India and Pakistan want peace. All we need is strong leadership that can withstand pressure from the vested interests who benefit from hatred,” he said at All India Management Association’s session on ‘Leadership for Change’.

Khan told the gathering of CEOs and intelligentsia that there was an overwhelming realization in Pakistan that the future the country was linked to cooperation in the region, on the lines of European Union. “The future of the subcontinent lies in open borders,” he said.

Commenting on the difficulties in changing the relationship between India and Pakistan, Imran Khan said that if Nelson Mandela could get rid of hatred between the blacks and whites in South Africa, the differences between Indians and Pakistanis were only skin-deep. “The problem here is the leadership,” he said.

Responding to a question on feasibility of peace while terrorists were operating from Pakistan soil, Imran Khan assured that there will be a clamp down on militias and arms would become a monopoly of the state once the internal war on terror was settled. He said that all Pakistani political parties, Pakistani army and ISI had reached that conclusion together. “Now all are on the same page,” he said.

Khan said that when he becomes Pakistan’s Prime Minister, it would be possible for Indians to drive their cars to Lahore, provided there was commensurate leadership on the Indian side.

Speaking on leadership qualities required for achieving change against all odds, Imran Khan gave three tips to the CEOs in the audience; first, he said, a leader must have a clear vision; second, a leader must never compromise on the vision under any friendly or hostile pressure; and third, a leader must explore different routes to attaining the vision.

Earlier, welcoming Imran Khan, AIMA President and Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, Preetha Reddy, said that she had visited Imran Khan’s cancer hospital in Lahore and was amazed to find that it was a high-end hospital unlike other charitable hospitals. She said that she admired Khan’s politics for focusing on the future and not on the past. “His politics is for the next generation and not for this,” she said.

Thanking Imran Khan for addressing AIMA, D Shivakumar, Past President, AIMA and former head of Nokia operations in India, Middle East and Asia, said that he found Imran Khan’s views straightforward and challenging. He said that he expected Khan to become Pakistan’s Prime Minister by the support of Pakistan youth and grace of god. He was commenting on Imran Khan’s saying that one needed the support of three ‘A’s to be Pakistan PM – Allah, Army and America.

AIMA’s leadership session with Imran Khan was attended by about 400 people from corporates and intelligentsia.

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