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  • Session with Mr Jairam Ramesh, 28th July 2017, New Delhi

Session with Mr Jairam Ramesh, 28th July 2017, New Delhi


Session with Mr Jairam Ramesh, 28th July 2017


AIMA Session with Mr Jairam Ramesh, Member of Parliament & Former Union Minister, Government of India on 28 July 2017 at AIMA Auditorium, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Mr Jairam Ramesh will talk about his new book Indira Gandhi: A Life in Nature, which is a unique biography of India’s former Prime Minister. Though Mrs Indira Gandhi is remembered as a tough, uncompromising politician, a relatively lesser known trait of Mrs Gandhi is that she was a passionate naturalist. She was the catalyst of modern India’s wildlife protection and forest conservation laws. She was also the force behind Project Tiger. This unusual biography traces the evolution of India’s green movement by looking at the life of Indira Gandhi through a green lens. The session will be held at 1800 hrs - 1900 hrs.

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Mr Jairam Ramesh

Mr Jairam Ramesh is an economist, a politician and a senior leader of the Indian National Congress. He is a member of parliament. Mr Ramesh has held different portfolios and served various ministries including ministry of environment & forests and drinking water & sanitation, ministry of rural development. As an economist, he was entrusted with several crucial roles as an advisor to the Finance Minister and also to the Prime Minister. He has also served the planning commission, ministry of industry and other economic wings of the government. Mr Jairam Ramesh is an eminent columnist for leading national dailies such as Times of India, The Telegraph, Business Standard and Business Today, he has authored some of the important books on Economics and Politics. Mr Jairam Ramesh is also a founding member of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, he is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT- Bombay, also the Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi.