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  • Online Training on Negotiation Skills, 30th June, 2020

Online Training on Negotiation Skills, 30th June, 2020

Online Training on Negotiation Skills
30th June, 2020

Negotiation can help you achieve aims and solve problems. It is about reaching Win:Win solutions, where all parties feel the outcome is fair. This training program will help you understand the process of negotiation - how to prepare, having clear aims and objectives, how and when to use different negotiating styles, strategies and tactics. It will give you the confidence to be a successful negotiator.

Fees: INR 2000 + GST @ 18%

Who this course is for

  • Those looking to get great prices both buying and selling
  • People wanting to improve their confidence in negotiating, or hone existing skills
  • Both beginners and experts - this training program has lots of little known techniques included
  • Anyone wanting to be richer in their personal and professional life

Topics Covered

How to negotiate effectively…
How to use the negotiation 5 step process with focus on turning your deals into win-win situation

How to avoid pitfalls…
Learn the most common pitfalls that can jeopardize business relations, negotiations and deal making.

To prepare before…
The importance of preparing before the negotiation cannot be overstated. Here you will learn how and what to prepare to be successful.

How to handle…
Tricky tactics, Cross-cultural negotiation, Non-verbal communication, Argumentation methods, concessions etc.

Negotiation best practices…
The training is based on best practices and combined with practical tips and trick from large corporations.