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HRM Conclave, 3rd December 2020

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AIMA’s HRM Conclave
HR Strategy on Talent, Technology & Transformation

12th February 2020, AIMA Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Technology is rendering both serious challenges as well as opportunities for Corporates and organisations. There will be a direct impact on HR Strategies & Processes involving People, Technology & Need for Transformation. Thus HR needs a major transition and fast. HR for the digital age requires a reinvention of the strategies and methods for hiring, training, evaluation, rewards, engagement & Value Add to Business.

HR has to facilitate organization transformation for winning in the physical and the digital realms and also for agility to adapt to shifts in technology and market. HR has to manage a complex talent ecosystem that includes a multi-generation workforce, gig workers and smart machines. HR itself is getting automated and the HR professionals have to learn to work with data, robotics, and artificial intelligence and align with business strategy to add value to business.

Considering the above imperatives, AIMA is organising the HRM Conclave on February 12, 2020 at AIMA Lajpat Nagar Office, New Delhi.

The theme for the conclave this year is “HR Strategy on Talent, Technology & Transformation”

The programme is being chaired by Mr. S Y Siddiqui, Executive Advisor – Maruti Suzuki India

Details will be updated soon...