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1st AIMA Corporate Management Olympiad

About Corporate Management Olympiad

We all live for glory-personal and organizational

One of the greatest challenges with organisations today is to inculcate a sense of belonging in its people. Virtual workplaces and their fragmentation have eliminated the sense of belonging and common cause for employees and need for the teams to bond with each other.

Keeping the above in mind, AIMA is creating a platform which would have employees competing for individual and their organisation's glory. It would be a congregation of thoughts, ideas and skills in the healthy spirit of competition where individuals and corporates would be recognised and feted for their competencies and achievements.

Management Quiz Competition

Team(s) from private and public sector can participate in Quiz Competition(s). No age criteria and no limit in the number of teams participating from an organization. In every group, team(s) of 2 members from the organization will participate in a written round of 15-30 questions. The best 6 teams from the written round will qualify for the on stage group final.


  • Quiz 1 - Marketing & Brand
  • Quiz 2 - New Age Technologies
  • Quiz 3 - Women Only
  • Quiz 4 - HRandL&D
  • Quiz 5 - Business Personality & Corporate Knowledge

Case Study Competition

A two member team of executives from the same organization is eligible to participate. Organizations are also free to nominate as many teams as they wish. The team(s) will make the PPT presentation (5 Minutes) before the panel of judges in the respective group. Thereafter the Jury will select winner from each group. The case study should be represented through audio visual means with lots of statistics and graphics.


  • Case Study 1 - Redefining HR Next: Disruption to Co-Creation
  • Case Study 2 - Leadership in the Era of Disruption
  • Case Study 3 - How to have sustainable Brands in the Digital World?
  • Case Study 4 - Creativity in Organizations- Innovations & Entrepreneurial Environment

Business Simulation Competition (SmartBiz)

Team(s) of maximum 3 members from different functional areas can be nominated by the Corporate. Multiple teams can also be nominated. Functional Heads are appointed by the team to adopt the roles of CEO, COO, CFO and CMO. Each team represents an enterprise. A Hypothetical Business Case is presented to each team with economic data and financial reports. Each team works out of strategy in operations, marketing and finance and product development with an aim to reach the pre-set goal.


  • Competition 1 - Case 1
  • Competition 2 - Case 2
  • Competition 3 - Case 3
  • Competition 4 - Case 4

Business Modeling Competition

A two member team(s) of executive from the same organization is eligible to participate. The team(s) will make the PPT presentation (1O Minutes) before the panel of judges in the respective group. Thereafter the Jury will select winner from each group. The Business Model should be represented through visual means with lots of statistics and graphics. Managers are expected to do the following

  • Articulate 3 strategic challenges their organizations/ divisions face today
  • Do a SWOT -Strength, Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats of the situation
  • Suggest a path-breaking, fresh and scalable idea to address these challenges
  • Also draw an action plan with expected impact or result of the Action Plan with clear cut roadmap with timelines.


  • Group 1 - Manufacturing & Production Companies
  • Group 2 - FMCG / Consumer Durable/ Retail Companies
  • Group 3 - BFSI

Max Teams Per Group Per Organisation Quiz Case Study Business Simulation Business Modeling
12 5 5 2

Team Size for Competition

  • Quiz Competition                                 - Team of 2 Players (1 Slot)
  • Case Study Competition                      - Team of 2 Players (1 Slot)
  • Business Simulation Competition         - Team of 3 Players (1 Slot)
  • Business Modeling                              - Team of 2 Players (1 Slot)

How to enter the Olympiad?

Companies are required to submit the attached registration form along with participant details.

Participation Fee

Slots / Teams Cost (INR)
1 20000
5 75000
12 150000
18 200000
25 250000
  • AIMA GSTIN No. 07AAATA1644A1 ZH / AIMA PAN No.: AAATA 1644 A
  • GST will be charged extra
  • Participation Fee through Cheque/Demand Draft should be sent in favour of "All India Management Associa tion", payable at New Delhi.
  • AIMA Corporate Management Olympiad Champion* Company
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for Winner of Each Competition
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for Winner of Each Competition

* Company with maximum number of medal points (For Gold - 5, Silver - 3 and Bronze - 1) would be crowned as AIMA's Corporate Management Olympiad Champion 2018.

** Ms. and Mr. Olympiad would be finalized on basis of maximum individual points won by them.

Note - lncase of a tie, Quiz would serve as the tie-breaker.

About AIMA

All India Management Association (AIMA), as the national apex body of management profession in the country is committed to enhancing the competence of management profession through its multifaceted activities. AIMA has a broad base of 64 Local Management Associations including two cooperating LMAs abroad, with a membership of over 30,000.AIMAis represented on the Boards of India's premier Business Institutions and also represented on Boards of Government bodies including the AICTE,National Board of Accreditation, National Productivity Council to name a few. In addition, AIMA brings to the Indian managers, the best management practices and techniques through numerous foreign collaborations with professional bodies and institutions.

For Registration Contact:

Ravi Jangra
Deputy Director - Centre for Management Development (CMD)
M-(+ 91) 9811811231 IT-(+ 91) 1124645100 Ext. 310 ID - (+ 91) 1124608513
Email -

For Queries, Contact:

Mansoor Hassan
Manager - CMD
E -
Poonam Rawat
Manager - CMD
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Mini Khurana
Asst. Manager - CMD
M - (+91) 9811017582
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Prashant Agarwal
Jr. Manager - CMD
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