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Workshop on Advance Trainer Skills 28-30 July 2016, New Delhi & 11-13 August 2016, Bengaluru

All India Management Association
Workshop on
(Leading to International Certification)
28-30 July 2016, New Delhi
11-13 August 2016, Bengaluru


The Training Field can change fast - new methodologies, new discoveries about the way adults learn, changing expectations of trainees and employers!

The Workshop is designed to enable organizations to develop their own internal training capabilities so that they can harness better the abilities of their people.

This is very practical, enjoyable and worthwhile Workshop, led by one of the best resource persons in the world, in this area, that will not only help to develop new trainers but also enhance the skills of those who already conducting training.


The Workshop aims at facilitating skills and competencies of the participants to design and deliver training effectively.

The Workshop covers the entire range of activities beginning with Analyzing Training needs, Designing Content and coverage of training programme, designing and developing session plan along with activities and games appropriate for every content, understanding learning styles of participants and using appropriate tools and methods to suit the needs of group, building rapport with participants to enhance acceptability and building confident and managing behavior of difficult participants. Workshop would help participants to learn tools and techniques for effective delivering and satisfaction through engagement of participants.


A three day workshop is based on advance research and application based techniques which involve sharing of concepts, presentation by the faculty and discussion with participants. The programme emphasizes developing an action programme for the participant and the organization in the domain of training.

You will learn how to...

Influence others by getting your ideas across.
Choose and practice appropriate training methodologies
Receive feedback on personal styles
Strengthen self-confidence and training skills
Improve impact when facilitating a training session.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers, Line, Managers who act an Internal Faculty, Consultants, Training Administrators and Faculty members, particularly those who are required to personally train others at their Units/ Departments.
  • Trainers who wish to upgrade as well as review their interactive skills.
  • Managers who are aspiring to undertake trainer's role and graduate to top most rungs of the organization.

Hurry! Limited Seats on First Come First Served Basis



The workshop will be woven around the following components:

  • Writing Training Objective
  • Designing and Developing Training Contents
  • Creating Session Plan
  • Designing Activities for Training
  • Designing Ice Breakers
  • Training Tools and Methods
  • Training Delivery skills to make session interactive.
  • Managing difficult situations in Training
  • Evaluation of Training
  • Future Trends & Technology in Training


The workshop has two phases, phase I three-days' workshop and phase II certification process. Participants can choose to only attend the three day's workshop (phase I) or to follow-up the workshop by certification process (phase II). Those attending the workshop (phase I) will be given a Certificate of attending the "Training the Trainer Workshop" by All India Management Association. Those going through the certification process (phase II) successfully will be given "CERTIFIED TRAINER CERTIFICATE BY AIMA".

Dr. Sunil Abrol is currently, President, Institute for Consultancy and Productivity Research. He is a Certified Trainer and a Certified Management Consultant. Has over three decades of experience in Academics, Research, Industry and Consultancy. He specializes in whole range of interventions in 'Training' and 'Consultancy'. He has several recognitions to his credit including Director, IFTDO President, ISTD and Director, WCPS.

Participants who wish to get "Certified as Trainer by AIMA Leading to International Trainer" will need to undergo a certification process which will involve making presentations based on the learning of the technology from this workshop in real life situation and evaluation of the same by the Master Trainer. The Certificate will be issued by AIMA. This can be done any time within six months of attending workshop at mutually convenient date & time.

For further details please contact:

Nidhi Sharma
Centre for Skill Development and Training
All India Management Association
Management House, 14,
Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110 003
Email:, Tel: 9810536427, Website: