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Online Training Programme on Time Management and Productivity

10 Dec 2020


Contact Details

Neha Malhotra, Manager, Training
Tel: 011-47673000 Ext: 738 | Direct No.: 011-24645513
Mob: +91 8178340214 | Email:

Learn the principles of time management and productivity so you can manage your time properly and become more productive


The objective of most companies is to train their personnel on how to use their “calendar system”. Although learning the tips on using a planner or calendar are important, yet the overriding objective is to find ways to create more value for yourself, your team in enhancing productivity and also balancing personal life.

Benefits for your Organisation with this training

  • Increased individual productivity, accountability and commitment.
  • Much more timely individual and team project completion
  • Effective communication throughout the organisation.
  • Less negative organisational stress
  • Improved teamwork.

Benefits to the Individual

  • More control and value from your time and your life
  • Increased recognition and rewards
  • Improved relationships both on professional and personal front
  • Improvement in quality of life

Learning Outcomes

  • Get ready to learn the principles of time management and productivity that would take you to a new level by creating a competitive edge in you
  • Explore goal setting, planning, organising
  • Learning to prioritise your tasks on power lists allowing you to ensure proper persistence and execution
  • Tips and skills to be a great time manager
  • Methods to stay focussed, improve your concentration and self-motivated
  • By the end you would become a new enhanced productive version of yourself using the knowledge acquired in the virtual training

Participation Fee

Fees: Rs. 2,000/- + GST @ 18%

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